Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hawks All Time Top 5?

Here's a link to Chris Webber's (shout out to C-Webb on last week's nuptials - looks like that's the end of crazy, stupid pool parties out at your spot :)...ah, the memories) TOP 5 All Time Hawks:

You can watch his take here, but the quick answers are below:

C - Mutumbo
PF - Rasheed Wallace (WTF?!? - he did start with Kevin Willis though)
SF - Nique
SG - Steve Smith (though he started with Joe Johnson)
PG - Mookie Blaylock (though he gave a shout to Pistol Pete)
Sixth Man - Spud Webb

Now, I would take exception with a few of them. Only Nique is a lock...
At Center - what about Tree Rollins, what about Moses Malone?
At Power Forward - Not sure if Bob Petit was a PF or C, but he's gotta be in there
SG - I think Lou Hudson was a SG, so if so - he's gotta be mentioned. And I'll say that Steve Smith gets my nod over Joe Johnson until Joe can help the Hawks win over 50 games and a few more playoff runs
PG - Doc Rivers hands down...i loved Mookie, but he ain't Doc.

What do you guys think?

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thirdfalcon said...

I have to agree with him on Mutumbo at center. Tree Rawlins wasn't as good, and certainly not as good for the Hawks. Moses was a better player, but was on the downside of his career by the time he got here, plus I think people would identify him with the 76ers before they would with us. Overall we are pretty weak as far as centers go though.

I'm with you on Petit, Nique, and Lou Hudson, but I think Pistol Pete has to be the choice at the point. I know he never won anything, but you'd be hard pressed to find a player that had a bigger influence on the game than Pete, he was truly ahead of his time.