Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HawkStr8Talk's Training Camp

There's not much that has changed that we want to comment on regarding the offseason, but we did want to say that there are many people who are excited about the Hawks' prospects at being the 4th seed.

So, it's time to just lay the ground work for the rest of October.

1. We'll be posting weekly as we lead up to our 2nd Annual Team Outlook post, Team Prediction post, and the newly configured Game Recap.
2. We'll have some ticket giveaways and ticket specials for the Hawks and Thrashers available on the blog this year, so stay connected via RSS or simply frequent visits for you and your friends. We'll be giving first dibs to those who become friends of the blog.
3. We want to make the final note - we will make every attempt to respond to all comments on the blogs, but a few ground rules - spirited debate = good; being an asshole or disrespectful language/behavior = banned from the blog (i.e. we'll just delete your comments and act as if you didn't say anything).

So, let's embrace this year of more interaction and hopefully higher heights for the 2009-2010 Atlanta Hawks!!!!!


Jesse said...

Wait, can I still be an @$$ if the numbers support my theory? And, will you be my friend Larry? I promise I want to be ur friend 4reelz, and not because I want Hawks tickets.....

....Ok, I really wants Hawks tickets, gimme gimme gimme!

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

Nope, I will stand up relative to whether I'm wrong on anything but being an ass is out.

Despite what some commenters want to think, I believe what I believe, but when it's not supported by what's on the floor - I'll admit it. Even the other bloggers have been surprised by some of my support of certain things that seem 180 degrees opposite of what I've believed. That's the point of Str8Talk - to cut through the bull and bias and just say what needs to be said. I'm the Hawks biggest fan, but I'm not the Hawks biggest party line booster. Just b/c we do it - it doesn't mean I'm going to agree with it. Anyway, we'll see what will happen with the tickets. I gotta get 'em before I can start distributing them.


Jesse said...

Hey, I was told that numbers don't mean anything, that they don't represent what's actually happening on the court. Is this true, have I been lied to by so many websites?

/end sarcasm

And boo, I was up for some heckling of posters. What ever will I do with myself today?

Speaking of which, what do you think of JJ turning down the 60mil/4yr offer? Any thoughts on a post-JJ Hawks team, all other things being the same (i.e. same coach, same system, same players)? Who are some players the Hawks could go after to fill in some of his production? Essentially, what would Larry do if JJ bolts?

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

I'll put together a blog on that, but quickly - I'm indifferent on JJ turning down the contract. I actually like us having options this offseason. I wish we were already on record as trying to upgrade to D Wade or LeBron. Knowing that we aren't - I'll simply say that this is the season where Josh or Joe have to be superstars or else - we should be taking this offseason to find one.

So, I'm not sure I'd look to replace JJ without throwing everything in the air with the intent of finding our superstar with the flexibility of some cap space, Al Horford,, that's my thought right now, but as I always say - I won't be convinced that I know what we have until Mike Woodson isn't coaching them...and that goes for JJ too.