Monday, October 12, 2009

Hawks/Pistons: Preseason Game Recap

Preamble Ramble

Actually, we didn't watch the game and only heard some of the game on the radio, so we'll keep from saying much other than...I wonder if Mario West is coming back here with a sprained ankle (see video below) and that I pray Al Horford's offseason work on his jumper was appropriately outshone by his work on his post game, so i'm not worried about the shot chart I saw for this game.

Game Recap - Pistons 100, Hawks 91

Here's the only thing remaining to say about this game since NOTHING matters in the preseason - I can shrug off a DeJaun Blair's domination of preseason games, but I can't shrug off Gregg 'I compliment nothing' Popovich's bubbling over regarding Blair's 'gift'. Boy, Jeff Teague and Joe Smith and Rick Sund, the ball is now in your court... make me PROUD!!!

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