Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Preparations for my Hawks Blog Date

Well, we've talked about it, but since this is fairly unprecedented in Hawks Blog-sphere history - we figured we'd let everyone know what to look forward to tomorrow...

Not only will you get an opening night Game Recap (which you've come to expect) - you'll also get a play by play of the date that will be had by The Vent's own CoCo and HS8T's Larry Luv. Now, you may have to come here to hear about it, though b/c what CoCo doesn't know is that I'm a kiss and tell kinda guy (hence, the blog) and ..as I often chide her about.. she is unreliable with the posts (since 2 months ago is the last time we saw her). If you want to hear from CoCo, get a Twitter account and follow her. We'll see if this has spillover into her dating practices (the unreliability and mass Tweets while we're getting to know each other over a side of O Smooth alley oop and a 3pt basket of Joe Johnson curly fries. Oh, and to be sure if the kiss cam hits us - she better not be ducking and dodging...take the kiss and enjoy it, ma! Ok, enough of my thoughts - you guys just let me know what else I should do on the date..any tips, suggestions, comments. I'm new to this blog date thing and want it to be perfect, so let me know what I should go for.. what's the blog equivalent of hitting a home run?

Follow the blog (and the date) on Twitter at @hawkstr8talk.

One last thing - if this encourages more people to write about the Hawks - then, I'm happy to take one for the team...Blog Dates for everyone! Hold on, let me re-phrase that - Blog Dates for the female Hawks bloggers! Not that there's anything wrong with other bloggers who don't want to have that requirement. :) Livin' La Vida Loca!


CoCo said...

I am in the middle of blogging a season preview right now. It will be posted today. Promise. I'm ready for the kiss cam! I can't wait for tomorrow. :)

Jesse said...

You two are crazy, but it sounds like it should be fun.

Personally, CoCo, if Drew hadn't ran off and gotten married...well, you get the idea, haha!

I keed! I Keed!