Saturday, October 24, 2009

Preseason Recap - Hawks @ Magic

We won't try to take much from last night's game, but there were some things worth noting:

The Good
1. Teague got to play against the best in the division and see that his jump shot must accompany all that speed.
2. Woodson didn't get the itchy trigger in trying to sit Teague through his worst outing yet.
3. Made HS8T Season Preview easy to complete...

The Bad
1. On a nationally televised game, we didn't look like we had any clue on offense or defense vs. the division's best.
2. Josh Smith is still shooting jump shots.
3. There was little attempt to establish any inside presence.
4. Joe Johnson, coming off a 35 minute stint Thursday, played 27 more minutes on a preseason road back-to-back. In other news - Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups played 30+ minutes Thursday and were given the night off on Friday. (Note: We think it's because it was the preseason that George Karl didn't want to play his star players in a road back to back with a full season of grueling basketball ahead.)
5. The reason the Season Preview is easy is that we've been saying that there are a lot of bad basketball teams that allow the Hawks to think about a 50 win season, but that when faced with elite basketball - the Hawks look bad. Here's preseason example A...we'll go into the season with the same belief that we'll beat the teams who have less talent than us and we'll lose to those with equal or better talent. Easy season prediction coming...

The Ugly
1. Watch the game and if you can find anything that wasn't ugly - let us know.
2. We've been opining at HS8T HQ for about a year that a big hurdle for this team is its lack of leadership and toughness. Meaning - if we get hit in the mouth, there's no haymaker coming back...let's just say that we hope Joe Smith is having some conversations today with the team. Preseason or not, if you play a team that's the best in your division without its 2nd or 3rd best player and you play ALL your top players and you lose by almost 40pts - that can't be anything but ugly.

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