Monday, November 16, 2009

Game Recap - Hornets @ Hawks

Preamble Ramble

One more victory in the books and the Hawks are looking for more ways to instill confidence in the fan base. While our friends at Hoopinion, THHB, Peachtree Hoops, and The Vent seem to have all angles covered, we'll simply highlight the rights and wrongs of our assessments of the Hawks season to date.

Game Recap - Hawks 121, Hornets 98

Overall Observations:
  • No coach, no All Pro chance!
  • Osh Smith has one more game to prove his worth as a decision maker and we are returning the J to Osh's name.
  • David West does NOT look like the All Star he was 2 seasons ago.
  • Marvin as super sub has been revised to simply Marvin as a sub. At this rate, Mo Evans as a starter sounds like the only way this season could get better.
  • Atlanta Fans - it's ok to show up to the games on time (or even late) for the #1 team in the East. Particularly with the Blazers coming to town for a little get back.
Str8 Butter Award - Osh Smith - in a nutshell, 17 and 17!!!! This is the sort of thing we want to see from the league's top shot blocker, top 20 steals maker, and now - no 3pt taker! This is precisely the talent that we want displayed frequently against the lower tier teams and with some regularity vs. the the upper tier teams in the league. Oh wait - is that Portland coming to town?

Starter Kudos/Smackdown -

* M. Williams - Admittedly, maybe this blog has something to do with Marvin's slump. Maybe there is some belief that we believe Marvin doesn't have the talent to be a starter. Well, let's put that to rest. Marvin could score 15-20pts for about 20 teams in the league as a starter, but just not this team AS A STARTER. The offense doesn't lend it self to the # of shots or even the type of game where Marvin's jump shot could be taken advantage of consistently. And that's why we want a move to the bench. Marvin working off of Jamal's isolation plays would result in more scoring opps with Joe Smith and Zaza Pachulia picking up the garbage buckets. Someone pass this note to Coach Woodson...
* Osh Smith - Let it be repeated...#1 in blocks, top 20 in steals - Yes, let's go ahead and start the All Star and Defensive Player of the Year buzz...
* M. Bibby - As we alway say, if you can score and manage the game to a draw vs. your defensive assignment, then it's $6M/yr well spent.
* J. Johnson - Manageable minutes, good shooting percentage, and a continuation of the 'we are making strides, but there is work to do' rants maek this fan very happy.
* A. Horford - The end to the double double train isn't a bad thing when your front court counterpart is essentially gobbling every rebound in sight, but it shouldn't be forgotten that Al is in the top 10 in rebounds...yes, rebounding has returned to the Highlight Factory!

Bench Kudos/Smackdown

* J. Crawford - Uncle! Yes, Crawford is Murray 3.0! That would be a few generations ahead of the old version. The fact that the defense is kinda porous is trumped by the fact that 3.0 is a version that passes the ball. Not to mention being the 2nd leading scorer - stay focused on the rim, Jamal
* J. Teague - Ok, bring me back off the ledge with more playing time. And while thinking about that - is there REALLY that much difference btw the #10 pick and the #19 pick? I mean Brandon Jennings - are you really doing it like that?
* M. Evans - Remind us when we should write something other than solid D, spot up Js
* Joe Smith - Not really going overboard with this, but Joe - follow Osh's lead - no 3pt shots from the power forward position.
* Z. Pachulia - No words...just regular Zaza productivity!
* R. Morris - You'd think a smile would cross your face when you get PT and 6pts and 2 boards in 4 minutes. Is that like a career high?
* J. Collins - DNP
* Hunter - Inactive

Coaching Kudos/Smackdown

No complaints AT ALL - Yes, that's a HS8T first. So, we'll stop talking now before we figure something out.

Str8 Talk Love

There's never a dull moment in the stands on a Saturday night...unless Chris Paul doesn't show up. We guess that everyone got wind and said - let's save our voices for the Heat on Wednesday. And that's a shame since it was my first time checking out a game with my younger brother, Lamar. While it's like he came from another mother when it comes to cheering for the Hawks, it is always a good time to be had with baby bro.

Not only that, it's doubly good when the seats put us in visible sightlines of the gorgeous Rosci of BET as well as the many celebrities in town for the two movie shoots - Stomp The Yard 2 and Lottery Ticket.

Dance Team/Game Ops update - N/A

Shout Outs - Will Stephens, Parris, Craig, Jen, Kat, Katherine...

Final Notes - There are no more notes necessary. Just happy to see us kill a wounded duck with minimal effort.

Season Prediction

51-31...yes we can! Go Hawks!


Ron E. said...

I have to admit I'm starting to warm up to your Marvin to the bench idea. If he isn't going to do anything in the first quarter most games, he might as well not start. Why not move Joe to SF and start Crawford at SG though?

I guess one concern would be about Marvin's confidence being shattered if he lost his starting job, but it's not clear he has any confidence left anyway. Too bad the Hawks couldn't figure out a way to get Childress to return in the offseason.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

Well, I think there are two things to consider - first, moving Crawford to the starting 5 creates the same issue regarding not enough shots (so I think that would adversely affect the balance on the inside and taking shots from Al and Josh and that's not something we want to do in my opinion) AND creates a situation where our perimeter defense gets much worse.

So, I'm only endorsing this idea if Evans is starting (or even less desirable, but more than Crawford - Zaza at C, Horford at PF, and Josh at SF - though I'm not sure if Josh can guard any small forwards that score well).

Finally, Marvin's confidence - I would also only endorse this as a way to say to Marvin - you can dominate as a 6th or 7th man with Jamal on the second team. Jamal is effective because Woody says - go in there and score the ball. I'm saying that he should say the same to Marvin. He can't say that to him as a starter. He has to take the scraps when someone is off or there's a crazy mismatch (of which there are few among the starting SFs around the league vs. Marvin).

Oh, and give up on Childress - he'll only be a trade piece for us as long as Woodson is coach.

Jesse said...

Ya know, Bronn reminded me of something that I think we may all be forgetting with this talk of moving Marvin to the second unit, and that is his excellent (at least compared to the rest of the team) man defense. He is clearly our best on-the-ball defender and as of now it's been shown that JJ isn't defending SF's in his limited minutes at that position nearly as effectively as Marvin would. Evans is in that same boat in that he can't defend as well either. Are we willing to give up a significant amount of our defense at the three on the first team just so we can try to force Marvin's offensive game to take hold on the second unit?

I'm not sure that's the answer just yet, mainly because of the limited number of games played, but also because his offense hasn't been a detriment to the team. While I do believe that Evans is a better spot-up three shooter, I'm don't think the slight improvement would warrant the replacement. As the sample size increases we'll get a better idea of how Marvin is truly affecting the outcome of the games, then we might be in a better position to determine if a switch is needed.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...


Well, I would agree with your assessment if I believed that Marvin is much better as an on the ball defender than Maurice. I don't. I think both are functional defensive players.

I also don't think that this idea has to keep the coach from starting Marvin when we need him to 'lock down' LeBron or Carmelo or any other small forwards who can dominate a basketball game, but that number is not that large to deter me from thinking that overall - I'd like to see Maurice starting over Marvin. Now, this isn't new - I've been saying that since last year. There just aren't enough balls to go around to keep Marvin engaged as a starter in my opinion.

So, that's my thought on, at the point that Marvin shows a Bruce Bowen like ability at that position - you're right, Marvin should start no matter what, but I'm not sure I've seen that level of defense from Marvin yet to move me from my belief that he's better served on the bench.