Saturday, November 21, 2009

Game Recap - Rockets @ Hawks

Preamble Ramble

7 Game Win Streak...Best record in NBA...beware of the Sports Illustrated cover that's sure to be covered, followed by Josh Smith broken ankle, Joe Johnson voice box transplant, etc. Yep, we're in heady times. So, without any further ado - let's talk about it!

Game Recap - Hawks 105, Rockets 103

Overall Observations:
  • Let me be the one to say - the economy is absolutely having an effect on attendance. In a time where the Atlanta has always been a town that loves a winner and supports the NBA like no other city, I won't accept that sellouts can't happen on a Friday night unless money is the culprit.
  • Take your hat off to the Houston Rockets - any team that takes the Lakers to 7 without its top 2 players must be well coached and a HARD working team. No disrespect to the Hawks, but they could learn to play as hard and scrappy as the Rockets consistently. Hats off to their effort tonight
  • Memo to Josh Smith - you are getting all the love and accolades you deserve for your hard work. There's one (well , two - free throws are on that list) thing that is stunting your likability factor. The carping with the refs MUST STOP NOW!!!! The same switch that you or someone flipped to get you from behind the 3 pt line needs to be flipped with regard to complaining to the refs. Please take every note from Rasheed Wallace and do the opposite. PLEASE!!!! It's just sad at a point...and it won't stop refs from making calls - both good and bad. I mean you complain so much and on calls that actually are fouls. It invalidates when you complain about calls that actually are bad. Your attitude on this really is becoming tragic...someone help him with this!!!
Str8 Butter Award - It's obvious and since we've bucked obvious the last two games - we won't do it again...Marvin step right up. Only Woodson could cool you down but we hope this is a sign of things to come.

Starter Kudos/Smackdown -

* M. Williams - The 29 points were nice, the 9 boards were nicer..thanks for showing your difference making ability. That said, we need to see much more of this to keep us from feeling that you should be displaying this offensive firepower from the bench.
* Josh Smith - Complaining to refs aside, you get the game winner doing essentially what the Rockets were beating us over the head with - an offensive rebound! Ah, the rich, thick irony.
* M. Bibby - One more time...GO GET THE BALL from our forwards and run the break. Why is the first thing you learn as a point guard with regard to running a break not apply in Atlanta? That said, we were really excited to see an end of game play run through the point guard.
* J. Johnson - If we're going to be mad about other players being consistent, then we have to be mad at Joe sometimes, but we gotta be super excited about our ability to gut out a victory when Joe is off and see him used as a decoy and contribute in other ways. On the sad side, 45 minutes on the front half of the back-to-back. We'll see how that affects his performance tomorrow.
* A. Horford - A very efficient offensive night and a disqualification - something felt good about seeing him use all his fouls and getting the max out of his time on the court.

Bench Kudos/Smackdown

* J. Crawford - I wonder if we'll start using the old good Josh and Bad Josh moniker and transfer it over to Jamal. While we mull that over, we'll just take the Good Jamal that was on display.
* J. Teague - Actually was impressed to him get some first half love. but of course, Joe's 2nd half struggles at no point necessitated a 2nd stint on the first half of a back to back. Let's hope his fresh legs come in handy in New Orleans.
* M. Evans - For the first time, a good reason for Evans to be on the bench - a hot Marvin!
* Joe Smith - I actually kept wondering why Joe Smith didn't have more time esp. with Josh on the bench. it would have been nice to see Zaza and Joe attempt to kill the second chance-apalooza happening in our paint all night.
* Z. Pachulia - Zaza didn't bring the same spark tonight, but he'll have it in spades for tomorrow.
* R. Morris - DNP
* J. Collins - DNP
* Hunter - Inactive

Coaching Kudos/Smackdown

I'll forgive some of the minute distribution and lack of a counter for small ball for this reason alone - a play drawn up for someone other than Joe to win the game. I mean it's easy to defend a play that everyone knows is coming. I was waiting for Joe to dribble until taking a shot and to have a different play that ultimately won the game (even on 2nd chance) was more evidence that Woodson is employing all of the tools at a coach's disposal and for that...big ups to Coach Woodson!

Str8 Talk Love

No words today - quiet night on the arena front, but it was bailed out by what was a fantastic game. Please come see our Hawks continue to dominate the league. Next up New Orleans and THEN a big one vs. the Orlando Magic. Let's see how we respond to the upcoming trap game in anticipation of playing a team that has SMACKED US SILLY!!! More tests upcoming

Dance Team/Game Ops update - I'm kinda over this section, so we'll be sure to only bring it back when there is something worthy of it. We do consider it a success that the A Town dancers had on tank tops today. The man breasts were really not worthy of viewing for anyone.

Shout Outs - Will, Andre, Kim, T Luv, Amy, and more...

Final Notes - No new notes other than 12-2 is in our grasp with the SE division title on the line on Thanksgiving. Could there be a better gift than a Thanksgiving night victory to launch us to a division title win just like it did for Orlando last year.

Season Prediction

53-29! Nothing more to see here - LET'S GO HAWKS!!!!

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Ben Castellon said...

In the post-game quotes, Woodson said he did draw up the play for Joe. It went to Bibby cuz they covered Joe so well that we couldn't even pass it in to Joe.

No no props to Woodson, but to Smoove.