Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Game Recap - Cavs @ Hawks

Preamble Ramble

Guess you gotta like it as a writer when the recap is simple, so let's just keep it simple. There could be several things to point to, but when you have a complete meltdown on offense - you can't beat a team that aside from LeBron James (picture that) played (or maybe we should say shot) well. To the recap,

Game Recap - Cavs 95, Hawks 84

Overall Observations:
  • Josh trying to keep Mike Woodson from getting thrown out of the game...priceless!
  • Bob Rathbun walking to Cleveland..pricelesser!
  • The 2 foul monster, the free throw monster, the technical free throw miss, the no trust in the bench rotation...is this 2008-2009, Coach Woodson?
  • Ok, to the simple - if you can't score in 8 minutes of the 4th quarter, you probably aren't ready to win.
  • For all the apologists, with rest and at home vs. a big time contender - the Hawks still are a double digit loser. Now, can we maybe we talk about what areas the Hawks and Coach Woodson can use some improvements, particularly at the offensive end? It stands to reason that uptempo is the way to beat the Cavs vs. a half court offense that we certainly have not perfected.
  • For all the supporters, with rest and at home vs. a big time contender - Marvin Williams proved his defensive worth vs. LeBron James...even with Josh out of the lineup, the Hawks defense withstood the crucible.
Str8 Butter Award - Jamal Crawford...his offense and Marvin's defense were definitely the highlights of the game.

Starter Kudos/Smackdown -

* M. Williams - We'll say uncle for now on the Marvin vs. Mo in the starting line up questions.
* Josh Smith - I would love to know how you can impact the game when fouls aren't an issue, but what has happened so far that you can't realize that jump shots are really still not your thing - in fact, I know I heard the Cavs help defense say very audibly - LET HIM SHOOT! If that isn't an indictment on jump shots - nothing is.
* M. Bibby - yeah, we definitely need to see more out of you on nights like this to keep my desire to see Jeff Teague to a minimum. That said, I appreciate that Woodson had you on the bench based on his desire to see better defense. If you bring no offense, you are useless to us.
* J. Johnson - This would be the night where a fourth quarter burst would be worthwhile.
* A. Horford - Really no complaints after a great defensive effort, but we do want to say - if you are alone for a dunk, don't pass to anyone for a three. Please.

Bench Kudos/Smackdown

* J. Crawford - You da man, bro. Nuff said...
* J. Teague - DNP
* M. Evans - Yet another epic fail on the offensive end.
* Joe Smith - Welcome back, Joe.
* Z. Pachulia - I'm really at a loss at what to say about Zaza tonight.
* R. Morris - DNP
* J. Collins - DNP
* Hunter - Inactive

Coaching Kudos/Smackdown

The only thing I'll say is - it would stand to reason that timeouts are there for a reason. Designing something that would get us out of the rut we were in in the 4th quarter would make me feel better about our coaching situation. Not only that, but also the Josh Smith sit down for the 1st half again. Let's just get the minutes we can out of him in hopes that his total minutes provide us the margin of victory.

Season Prediction

On a night when Usher, Chris Tucker, Chris Brown, Akon, and many more were in the building, we stand up tall up until the 4th quarter...and of course on a night when LeBron is shut down. Chances of that happening again - not as likely as our going 54-28. We'll figure out if that prediction needs to change if we lose by more than 10. See you in Cleveland...


CoCo said...

I love that Woody displayed for the world why he's not been extended. I want the articles to stop. He has the bigs afraid to contest shots for fear of either actually fouling out, or just fouling out in his mind. It was awful. And why didn't Teague play, especially considering none of the guards outside of Jamal were doing anything positive. Joe's turnover's in the fourth quarter were unforgivable. He is not making a strong case for more than $15 million over 4. He disappeared after the 1st.

The Casey said...

I did like that Horford went and shut Josh up early when he was yapping at the refs. I've been waiting his entire career for someone to do that.

Is it a bad thing that I thought the Hawks had a better chance of winning if Woody got thrown out?

You'd think Teague would have to get some minutes tonight, with it being a back-to-back, right?

One other thing I liked was Josh getting upset late in the game and trying to take over the right way. Too little too late, but hopefully that will carry over.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

The interesting thing is that those folks who always support Woodson are eerily silent today. Listen, I've given him more credit than I thought I would this season, but last night - I didn't see one adjustment that would change the bad things.

So, we reverted back to Josh with jump shots and brooding. Woodson reclaimed the 2 fouls and sit situation (I knew that those two foul outs last week would haunt us), though I don't even have a problem with buying a few minutes, but the WHOLE DAMN HALF. We took what the defense gave us (jump shots..) and we didn't regroup or put out a new lineup or any new wrinkle to change our fortune.

That's the only complaint I have - if we are hitting jump shots, we're world beaters, but if anything gets off kilter in the matrix - our coaching staff and our veteran leadership doesn't really know what to do next. Last night you could see that the Cavs were playing as badly as we were, but they didn't seem to collapse under the pressure.

I'm also concerned that it's gonna be harder for Woodson to send a message to Josh to keep his emotions under control if he can't. Sorry, but if that was an attempt to light a fire under your team - I wasn't impressed. You gotta do some other things and THEN pull that one out of your toolkit.

As for Teague, I think I've already said this...let's just sign a backup veteran point guard and end any thoughts of developing Teague this season and just send him to the D League. That would be a championship move to me.