Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In Lieu of Hawks/Pacers Thoughts - We Present a Preview

My fellow Hawks fans,

Since we did not do a game recap for the Hawks @ Pacers, it was incumbent upon us to make sure words were offered prior to the Hawks/Cavs home and home. So, without further ado, here they go...

  • Again, we'll say - when the offense runs through Josh and Al, the Hawks really do look like an unbeatable team. Of course, this means that Josh isn't taking jump shots. That 20pt game from Joe Johnson was smooth as silk.
  • Another quote from Woodson about Jeff needing to come a long ways on defense is fine, but we wonder where that quote is for Bibby and Crawford. Yes, this would be my 'Woodson's setting up the excuse for why he won't play Teague' meter going way up.
  • Even more importantly, we still reside on the side of saying - if you don't think Teague deserves minutes, isn't it time to get someone on the team who can play backup point guard minutes (and provide some perimeter defense when needed). Certainly we can stand to have Jason Collins join Othello Hunter on the inactive list.
  • With that in mind, upon Joe Smith's return - a Teague/Hunter 10 game stint in the D League wouldn't hurt now or would it? (Comments welcome)
  • Finally, to the Cavs games, here's success to us - two very close games no matter who wins, a split, or a Hawks sweep. Here's what will make us question our postseason readiness - losses by more than 10 points each. Bottom line, we need to come to play and send another message to the Eastern Conference that we aren't going anywhere. Cavs are hot, we're a little less than hot. Let's see what the 6th man will do for us..
  • Keys for tonight's game - a good effort from the reserves, a good defensive effort from Marvin Williams, and an understanding from the Hawks that the Cavs aren't going to let Joe Johnson beat them...our offensive gameplan BETTER be prepared for that.
And with that, enjoy the rest of the game and our post-game recap tonight...

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