Thursday, January 7, 2010

Game Recap - Nets @ Hawks & More

We won't even attempt to do a game recap because there was nothing good or bad to be pulled from that game, so we'll go to some quick bullet points about it and the things that have happened over the past few days...

  • To be clear, the only difference (aside from effort) in the game vs. Miami and New Jersey was that the jump shots went down. Otherwise, just know that if we do the same vs. the Celtics - it'll be a long night.
  • I'm fine with protesting the Cleveland game's outcome, but I think it's pretty disconcerting that even this morning on 790 The Zone - our coach is STILL complaining about that game. I have yet to hear him say that we shouldn't have lost a 17 point lead and should have played better down the stretch. Why not use that as a motivational chip for future games vs. Cleveland in the regular season and postseason vs. using it as an excuse for losing a game we shouldn't have lost?
  • So, we cut Othello Hunter. Fine - he wasn't playing anyway, so maybe this paves the way to getting a perimeter defender and backup point guard who actually can reduce the minutes of our backcourt while increasing our defensive presence when necessary. We have enough scorers, but not enough stoppers.
  • If we do decide to get a perimeter defender, I'm 100% confident that Jeff Teague would be best served spending some time in the D League. Of course, that's too logical, so don't think it's gonna happen.
  • Final thought - the New Jersey Nets are really, really, really bad. Sorry, but you are not on the LeBron James list - I don't care how tight Jay-Z and LBJ are..he's not gonna do that to himself.
And now, let's get ready to destroy the Celtics...

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