Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hawks News

Well, it looks like we have two bits of news in our best impression of Hoopinion and Peachtree Hoops:

1. Joe and Josh have been a little nicked up...let's hope this isn't a sign of any things to come. Y'all know my philosophy on this. REST! We have 82 games and a playoffs to be ready for...
2. The Hawks protest of the Cavs game was denied. And I actually am glad they are...first, I hated the excuse making that Coach Woodson was making about it and second, it'll provide for great motivation the next time we play and hopefully, in the playoffs. We've shown what happens when we play with a chip on our shoulders (at least when Boston is in the building).

Ok, carry on with your day..


Jesse said...

Do we have a man down?

Nicholas said...

Somebody put a fork in this blog because its DONE!!!!!!