Friday, January 29, 2010

Rumors of our Demise: FALSE!!!!

Str8Talk Fans (and Foes),

The Blog is still alive. Sorry for the untimely and unannounced hiatus, but a few life situations trumped my few attempts to get game recaps out, my mid-season review, AND my thoughts on Joe Johnson and Al Horford's trips to the All Star and why I think Josh NOT making the All Star game could be the best thing for the Hawks (despite the fact that that he was the most deserving).

So, TONIGHT - Blog going up right after I finish my day in Durango with my snowboard. Yep, Hawks Luv is trumped only by snowboarding, so let's get these Celtics and I'll be back with thoughts on the last 4 games, our new beat writer, and more...

Shaun Black Out!!!

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