Saturday, January 2, 2010

What January will tell us about the Hawks?

So, this morning, I realized exactly why last night's loss to the Knicks was more painful than most.
Reason 1 - we were leading a bad team by 14 at home.
Reason 2 - we were playing a team that had beaten us at home before, so the trap game factor should have been replaced by a revenge game factor.
Reason 3 - January is going to be our toughest month of the year, so the games you should win - you HAVE TO WIN.

The Hawks play 10 games vs. teams that can beat us on our best day and there are only 2 gimmes on the schedule for January, so it's important that we at least win 50% of our games. We could be 28-18 at the end of January. Admittedly, our schedule in February, March, and April are pretty light and enough to get us on a roll going into the playoffs, but that would happen without the confidence of being able to beat good teams consistently.

So, that needs to be the goal of January - to win vs. playoff caliber teams night after night. That's what will have to happen in January. That will be better than going 10 of 15 or better in February and March to give us the false sense that a 50 win season means something better for this team in May and June. Winning on the road and vs. the upper echelon of our conference is essential. The 5 games vs. Orlando and Boston will tell us everything about the team's ability to win in May. The games vs the non playoff teams will tell us everything about whether we will win the 50+ games necessary to be better than a 4 seed and contender for the Southeast Division. Time to show and prove Hawks...

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