Monday, February 8, 2010

Game Recap: Bulls @ Hawks (& a deal)

Just realizing that this never posted (sorry, HST8 Talk Fans - we're not a machine). So, we're not going to try to do a full recap, but instead we're going to do a few bullets and then give you a deal for purchasing tickets to Hawks/Bucks.

  • First, with all due respect for the ticket procurement (and we say that with true sincerity), the worst tickets you can get are tickets near the floor, but behind the basket. Losing about 20% of the viewing vantage point sucks. I would like to say that I saw Derrick Rose finish one of the nastiest alley oops in a while, but the basket vantage point saw it for us.
  • Ok, nuff complainin' - Josh Smith is the only guy on the Hawks capable of a triple double (or for that matter a quadruple or quintuple double). Yes, we said it...actually - has a quintuple double ever happened?
  • For the umpteeth time, our team looks contender worthy when Joe Johnson is actually playing shooting guard (with the emphasis on being passed the ball in scoring positions).
  • Not much really to talk about other than - looks like even the Friday/Saturday bump isn't in effect anymore...Hawks fans, you now are simply a big game fan base and that's sad.
  • Congrats to Arthur Triche and the Saints - we are sure that this means that the root you put down is now 100% dedicated to the Atlanta Hawks and the teams in our way. NBA title here we come.
Here's a deal for all our loyal fans...snap tickets up while you can...

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