Saturday, February 20, 2010

Game Recap - Hawks @ Suns

Another game where it's probably not in good taste to do a full blown HS8T game recap and the reason is: After half a season, I've reverted back to the thought process that our team isn't getting progressively better as the season goes along. Of course, some of this spinning wheels syndrome is due to watching other teams picking up pieces to prepare themselves for the stretch run and feeling like we got worse for no good reason, but the other part of this is tied to a question I asked GM Sund a few weeks ago and that's ...what's our identity?

Suns 88, Hawks 80

Let's start with the main reason for a less thorough game recap - I was drinking and playing cards while watching the game, so there was some attention deficit there, but I do know that while watching us in the 2nd half - we certainly looked like we were trying to fit a square peg in a round hole all night. Which is my way of saying - we didn't try one thing to CHANGE our say uh - the Suns! Who at some point said - hey, the subs are bringing us back and while they are - it's really no good reason to do something else until the Hawks do something to make us. This trend where the substitutes take the opposing team to victory in the 4th quarter vs. our starters is troubling (see Miami Heat at home and this game as best cases). Now, it's not troubling because we shouldn't lose to good teams on the road. It's troubling because we've hitched our wagon to the belief that we don't need a bench to win in the regular season.

I've ceded the thought that you need a full blown bench to win in the postseason (despite evidence that in today's game you need more than 7-8 players to win a title), but I never would cede the thought that you need at least 10-11 players with injuries, slumps, and the like at bay that can keep you from the seeding necessary to position your team in the best position to make a NBA title run. So, on nights where we lose because we have neither a plan B or add'l players to run your Plan A, I worry. I worry because tomorrow isn't promised. Because I see how quickly the Wizards lost their Big 3. Because I don't know if the Knicks will have LeBron, D Wade, and McGrady to terrorize the league going forward. Because I don't know if Bibby will be good enough to finish the season as our starting guard.

So, I won't do a blog about the game. I won't say more about things that I've worried about since day 1. Not because I don't think we can win 50 games because I never really thought it was inconceivable. I didn't predict it, but it is not surprising me greatly. What I am predicting is that we aren't really getting better, tougher, stronger as we go...I am predicting that Coach Woodson has a 1000 excuses for why he never has anything to do with anything while in 'get me an extension' mode. I'm predicting that what I said would come to pass in terms of the bench not understanding their roles (outside of the very helpful to anyone 'just be ready with whatever minutes I give you') and not playing enough to really provide good consistent value. So, we are back to having a team that ON THE ROAD will let reserves who play well to start sit while starters who didn't play. That's WORRYING me...guess it's back to drinking (oh, and cards).

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