Monday, February 22, 2010

Game Recaps: Warriors & Jazz

Preamble Ramble

I think it was Charles Dickens who said it - it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It sometimes pays to not be so swift with a blog about a game. A game where my DVR must have been so disgusted with my favorite team that it ate the Hawks/Warriors footage. Of course, the highlights and commentary we read did not bode well for a nice forgiving blog. Seeing the DNPs for bench players on a road trip vs. a bad basketball team were blood boiling, but then we played the red hot, yet hobbled Jazz...see what we thought below...

Game Recap - Hawks 100, Jazz 95
Game Recap - Warriors 108, Hawks 104

Overall Observations:

Warriors thoughts:
  • Should we praise the things that begat that 18pt lead?
  • Should that equal or exceed the stink-fest that caused the Hawks to be the first team in 35 years to lose to the Warriors after being up by more than 15 in the fourth quarter
  • Not sure what Joe Smith and Maurice Evans did to fall below Mario West in the player rotation...but whatever it is better include a diss of someone's mom and a unreported gun incident in the locker room.
  • Steph Curry is truly a's amazing to see what allowing your rookie PG to play can result in. Just sayin'
  • So, it looks like Josh has fallen back in love with his jump shot. Guess all that praise was not enough to keep this from happening.
Jazz Thoughts:
  • I'm always impressed at how the Jazz run offensive sets.
  • Mo Evans, thanks for proving on the court what I'm sure you thought vs. the Warriors and that's that you possibly could have helped us beat the Warriors. We'll take it vs. the Jazz though.
  • Josh, once again - the jump shots are really the only thing marring what has been a coming out party. Don't make me take your J away from you again.
  • Joe, once again - you deciding to play like a star is smile worthy...
  • Good thing this happened after the Warrior game because I know I would have dismissed part of the joy of the victory by mentioning that Deron Williams and AK47 weren't playing, but after the Warriors - any road victory is noteworthy.
Str8 Butter Award - Josh Smith...really, everything you do (save the ref complaining and jump shooting) is starting to make me swoon.

Str8 Talk Love

I have no idea what Mike Woodson said to the team or what the vets communicated, but whatever it was - it worked. So, we'll eschew the opportunity to continue to enumerate the ways we don't understand our team and coaching philosophy and just cheer through the random DNPs, 2-3 minute stints, lack of changing tactics that aren't working. We really are at a loss, but we have to respect the fact that 35-20 means that we're only 15 wins away from a 50 game season. That's just bullet proof today. So, Warrior loss meet Jazz victory and let's leave it there.

Season Prediction

Still believe that 50-32 is what's next for us, so no profound words can be said...

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