Monday, February 1, 2010

The HawkStr8Talk MidSeason Review: Players

In continuing with our Midseason Review of the Atlanta Hawks, we now run through the players and detailing their pros and cons for our team. Yes, it'll be simplistic, but we have to get to the predictions section and so while I said I was going to do this - it's really not that important to our midseason review. So, judge it accordingly... All comments welcome...

Mike Bibby
Pros: Good 3pt shooter, the offense works more efficiently when the offensive decisions are dictated from the Bibby's hands.
Cons: Woeful defender, lacks vocal leadership or ability/desire to demand the ball in transition or in clutch moments of basketball games

Joe Johnson
Pros: Very good shooter, size advantage over most 2 guards, superior belief in offensive talents, above average defender
Cons: Too reliant on dribbling the basketball, too slow in rotating the ball out of double teams, too unfamiliar with moving without the basketball, questionable shot selection

Marvin Williams
Pros: Above Average Defender, Can drain open jumpers (still believe him to be better for our team coming off the bench)
Cons: Not aggressive enough, not good finisher/ball handler for a small forward

Josh Smith
Pros: Excellent Help Defender; Can fill up a box score with points, steals, blocks, rebounds, and assists; Athleticism in spades...the most talented Hawk on the squad; Heart & Soul of the Atlanta Hawks
Cons: Still unable to drain jump shots consistently & sometimes questionable decision making; Undeniably TOO much barking with the referees

Al Horford
Pros: Can do everything on a basketball court you want from a player in above average fashion
Cons: Isn't imitating Alonzo Mourning as a leader, not many post moves, not tall enough to be a center

Jeff Teague
Pros: Lightning quick, protects the basketball for a rookie, great hops
Cons: Lacks ability to finish in traffic, unreliable jump shot

Jamal Crawford
Pros: Can do almost anything offensively, fearless
Cons: Questionable shot selection, defensive liability

Maurice Evans
Pros: Basketball IQ, 3 pt shot maker, Effort is rarely in question
Cons: Talent doesn't match IQ

Joe Smith
Pros: Leadership, Savvy, Defensive Presence
Cons: Nothing from a backup PF that PT wouldn't cure

Zaza Pachulia
Pros: When playing at Boston intensity, nothing beats Zaza as a reserve for the Hawks; Rebounding, Hustle
Cons: Not always playing at Boston intensity

Randolph Morris
Pros: Some shooting touch
Cons: Inability to not foul when defending

Jason Collins
Pros: Seemingly can frustrate Shaq, knows how to foul
Cons: Everything else

Mario West
Pros: Energy for the entire NBA
Cons: Everything else literally

All predictions wrong or get your money back.

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