Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Game Recap: Hawks @ Bulls (3/1)

Preamble Ramble

Vanguishing a hobbled opponent on the road on the back end of a back-to-back. The question is really - should credit be given for doing as Chris Rock would say 'the $#%@ you're supposed to do.' Our answer below

Game Recap - Hawks 116, Bulls 92

Overall Observations:
  • Marvin Williams needs to do what he did vs. the Bulls in a game that matters vs. players who aren't woefully mismatched to make me rescind my belief that the Hawks should start Mo Evans. Yeah, 18 and 9 are nice, but can you make Larry Bird-esque behind the backboard shots...Mo can!
  • I sure hope we can figure out the time when the playoff seeding and 50 wins have been assured because I wouldn't mind seeing Jamal get some rest for that shoulder. It's not like he's going to stop shooting and it's not like Mike Woodson is going to just look out for it on his own.
  • While I'm on Jamal (and Joe for that matter), there's something about volume shooters - they will make you think they really have had great games and numbers if you just take the AP game recap to heart. Jamal shot his way through garbage time to high scoring honors (and while I take nothing away from Jamal), but he really didn't have anything to do with this win.
  • It should be the formula used every single time we play the Bulls. Give the ball to the frontcourt and watch them put up prodigious numbers AND win the game. 50 pts, 37 rebounds, all tied for the TEAM lead in assists, one rebound short of everyone getting a double double. Yep, the game can be that simple...
  • Again, Jeff Teague sure didn't do anything to make me believe that he didn't deserve more minutes tonight. (I only repeat this because Hoopinion quoted me for saying so last night...maybe it'll happen again and it's not like it wasn't true). Another upside to playing Teague more - guaranteed more touches and shots for our frontcourt. If they have it rolling, it's getting to the point where you almost HAVE to pull Joe and Jamal off the court.
  • We've waited long enough - yes, Josh you made me proud to have called you our best player last night only to back up the point with a game worthy of being called such.
  • Really, is it me or does it seem like our entire backcourt's ability to take really good shots has regressed? I won't do you like Bush did us - YES, we are in a RECESSION!!!!
  • Now, to be fair, it really is important Jeff Teague that you learn how to hit a floater in the lane. As a former little guy on the basketball court, I KNOW how important it is and would expect that a professional wouldn't be able to miss as many as you have come to miss, so please for both our futures (mine as a blogger with any semblance of credibility and yours as the starter for this team) - FIGURE IT OUT! This only serves to give Peachtree Hoops a small window with which to say emphatically that Bibby should be our starter (and other than locker room discord we would like for a 'looking at today's reality' debate on this topic with PH - yes, we are calling out PH on the campaign trail, little kiddies).
  • Mr. Colangelo, now why was Kirk Hinrich in the USA Basketball pool again? What did you see in him that you can't see in Josh Smith for the 2012 pool?
  • Please see my All Star Thoughts and check out Josh's recent surge and let's just say...Called It!
  • Final point - when the other team's coach concedes, CLEAR THE BENCH! Oh, yeah - and that answer is - I don't give you proved something to me for the playoffs credit for doing what you are supposed to do. We still need a Lakers and Cavs road victory to wipe the two Knicks home losses off the ledger. That's all...
Str8 Butter Award - I'm torn btw encouraging Marvin's effort and being self serving in patting myself on the back for Josh's continued excellence as our best player over the past 4-5 weeks. Since humility is a strength of mine, we'll go with Marvin...yep, Marvin wanted to stick it to me (thanks for waiting 60 games to do so) for starting the year saying that Evans should start. So, in an effort to keep my drumbeat for change alive (Teague! Evans! Starting '09/10, not 10/11 - ok, my slogan work needs some...er..work)

No Player or Coach Smackdowns Today!

Season Prediction

Looked at the schedule again and if the Hawks don't win 53 games, it'll be a travesty. I'll say it again - there are only 5 games we should really be challenged in and 4 of those 5 are at home. I'm tempted to increase my prediction, but injury, slump, or just over confidence is sure to claim a victim or two. So, I'll just stick with where I'm at...

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