Monday, March 29, 2010

What Happened To HawkStr8Talk? No Sixers or Pacers recap here

I figured this was a good time to tell the masses what happened to Hawk Str8Talk. Well, people - we really just got tired of talking about the same things. Games are still being watched, games are still being praised and criticized, but there's not the same zeal to write game recaps after game when we're going to repeat some of the same things every week.

So, we lost on the road vs. the Sixers. While I disagree with the overall sentiment that it was effort that was the main culprit (there's such a thing as your tactics just not working and an inability to adjust your game plan being at fault), I will just say - it's a scene we've seen this season. Same for the game vs. the Pacers. Came out pretty flat on the defensive end, but the Pacers simply couldn't keep up once the train was put on the tracks.

So, it's hard for a blogger who is looking for the things that give you confidence that the Hawks are a playoff force to talk about the same ol', same ol'. Things that we still don't have good answers for like:

1. Why has Josh Smith fallen back in love with the jump shot? And more importantly, where is the leadership that would tell him privately and publicly that it's not in our interest that he shoot it?
2. Why Jeff Teague is only good for a first half 5-10 stint? What is really accomplished by this?
3. Why the bench itself after playing really well recently is just now getting a chance to shine? (well, unless your name is Jamal Crawford).
4. Does anyone notice that the backcourt for the Hawks has shot pretty poorly lately?
5. Why the defense being very average is not a bigger item for fodder (switching defense and all)?
6. How hard is it to run the offense through the frontcourt?
7. Why if Mario West is so good at defense for the one possession at the end of the half, then why doesn't he come in and shut down perimeter players who are hot vs. us?

So, this season is turning out as I said it would and just like last year - the Hawks will beat teams it's better than 90% of the time and will beat teams better than it is at home. That results in a 50 win season. It's worth celebrating that, but it's not worth being content over it. So, when you see some pretty glaring holes that prevent championships and no discernible effort to actually solve it, what do you have? Sporadic blogging...

Sorry, but it is what it is...with that said, GO HAWKS!!!!!!


DPhenomenal1 said...

I feel ya!

The Casey said...

Here's one for you: Why are the Hawks (especially the starters) seemingly unable to break out of a play to exploit a mismatch on a switch? Al Horford could have Earl Boykins on him, and nobody looks twice or clears out if that's not the play. To me that's a part of Woody's lack of flexibility, along with the switching every time on defense, the insistence on Mario West, and the denial of Teague.

The Hawks are going to do the same thing they always do, and if a team can counter that, then the Hawks are going to lose.

The Casey said...

Man, I expected to see something about Jeff Teague getting 3rd quarter minutes last night. Maybe Woody's been replaced by a look-alike.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

oh the blog is coming..had to sleep off my hangover from last night's smackdown...