Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where Have We Been?

I'll have a real blog with thoughts on the last 2 weeks (5 games) plus thoughts on JJ being injured and Bibby being run down later today, but to those who thought we disappeared - I've been traveling with no internet access and dealing with a family emergency, so I apologize, but sometimes real life gets in the way of fun blogging.

Unlike other blogs, there's no revenue coming from this, so my sports love does get back burnered somtimes. Trust us - we have a LOT to say about the past 2 weeks (like the Teague increase in minutes is becoming more important and obvious (and why would Teague do an interview with Teague hater Peachtree Hoops ...well, he didn't say he hated him, but we're trying to sell ads over here, so if Fox News can stretch the truth, so can we, right? and why if defense is Woodson's calling card - why are not good at it?)

Yep, those thoughts and so much more - just hang in there with me. And shout out to The Casey for at least asking about me (and to his question - I'd NEVER stop blogging because some folks disagreed with me...I expect people to disagree with about 80% of what I say, which is why I started the blog - I didn't think people were being honest about our prospects and method to building a NBA champion - simply go to the AJC comment page or to a few other blogs and you'll see that they are focused on the micro and I'm dealing more with the macro (hence, our Teague/Bibby or Marvin/Mo debates)). Bottom line, I love the Hawks and the blog - it's not going anywhere.

Go Hawks!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back! Hope everything is well.

rbubp said...

Re: defense...

I think Woodson talks about defense to remind the players that they have to play some team d in order to win consistently.

I submit that Woodson knows that defense is less important than offense in the NBA (if not the case, Charlotte and New Jersey would be much better than they are and Phoenix and Memphis and Toronto much worse). In the NFL and MLB you can win a title with a great defense and little offense; but if you had Battier, James Posey, Brendan Haywood, Gerald Wallace, and Rondo as your NBA team you would be pretty bad.

I think Woodson feels he has to pay lip service to D in order to get the players to remember to play any at all. You have to play some.

Jesse said...

And, it's not like we have been terribad on defense either, a little better than middle of the pack, but by no means close to being the worse.

I still agree that we aren't that great at the thing our coach preaches about the most and it makes me wonder that if he did actually focus on running a proper offense if we would score much more than we do and thus win more games. I mean, I think some of us agree that our offense, even being one of the most efficient offenses each year, could be much better and if so, then we could easily over compensate for the lacking defense.

w/r/t your recent absence; hope all is well with the family and welcome back. Family > blogging.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

@rbubp, you could be right, but I guess this would be bring up two points that I think differentiate good & great coaches from average ones.

1. the ability to talk about something and get results from the team.
2. the fact that while your submission is true with regards to regular season play (you can beat most teams in the league with good offense, just like the NFL, MLB, etc), but it doesn't fly in the postseason, so if you go with my concept that my blog is always focused on what will win us a title, then you'd see that my complaint doesn't usurp what you're saying, but that it does lend itself to the fact that our defense isn't going to win us a title.

If we determine that our mix of good offense (despite the offensive strategy) and decent defense is not a title mix, then you see my overall point. I haven't spent this year railing against the Hawks b/c that would be silly when in the top quarter of the league, but I'd like to be in the top quarter of the league with a chance to win it all and right now I don't think any top team is fearful of playing the Hawks in the playoffs (save possibly the Celtics) and I think that's because they know how to attack our offense and defense as it is.

What I'd ask is do you believe that if we need to design up some new wrinkles on O and D vs. the Magic and Cavs, that Woodson can do that and if so, what examples do you have to help me get to where you are on that?

Jesse said...

I think everyone agrees that there need to be some new wringles on both sides of the ball, regardless of who we are playing. Personally, I don't think that Woodson can do that or will do that and that until that changes we have reached our ceiling.

rbubp said...

Atl, my point absolutely flies highest in the post-season, actually. Again, I making a distinction between poor defense and average defense. You have to be at least average to win a title.

Offensively, however, you have to have one player no one can stop and one guy that can keep defenses honest.

Just look who wins in the post-season. It is not the team with the best defender in the league.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

@rbubp, I can't let you get away with that. First, I didn't say anything about having the best defender. I do believe having team defense that is above average is absolutely necessary to win a title. I completely reject the poor vs. average when it's proven that you have to be above average on defense to win a title.

Let's take the last 10 titlists and see how good they were on defense.

2008-09 Los Angeles Lakers Rank: 5th
2007-08 Boston Celtics Rank: 1
2006-07 San Antonio Spurs Rank: 2
2005-06 Miami Heat Rank: 17 (Note: Dallas was 12th)
2004-05 San Antonio Spurs Rank: 1
2003-04 Detroit Pistons Rank: 2
2002-03 San Antonio Spurs Rank: 2

If you look at the teams that are favored to win this season - Boston, Orlando, LA, and Cleveland reside in the top 3rd of the league. So, I classify the top 3rd as above average to elite, the middle 3rd as average, and the bottom 3rd as below average to poor. The Hawks have always been in the middle tier and they won't win a title while in the middle tier. It's only happened ONCE in the last 10-15 years, so your contention isn't supported by fact. And the team that did it had two players who were vastly better than anything we have now and win a Hall of Fame coach.

The Casey said...

Glad you're back. Hope everything has/will work out for you. And I'm stuck without internet at the house too right now, so I feel that.

rbubp said...

Atl, gotta give you props on your research on defense and titles. i took a few days because I wanted to look up 80s and 90s teams too, and I'm still curious about them, but I am not getting it done. I did forget about the Spurs and am surprised the Lakers were that high.

I'll leave this on the table, though...the common denominator with every team going back to Magic and Bird is that one indomitable superstar and supporting offensive player. I personally think it would be naive to believe that the NBA has not contributed to this.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

Well, I can't and won't argue the fact that you need a superstar to win a title all things equal, but if that's the case, then we definitely don't have a shot. If that's management's case, then we should be collecting all the assets we have and leverage them to get Lebron or D Wade or whomever to come here. That should be the goal.

Now, if you take the thought that we can follow the Detroit model, then all I'm saying is - we need to shore up the defense and we do need to ensure that all the parts are working toward the title and part of that is focused on our defense being elite. Someone should be saying - hey, we don't have a superstar so we better get to top 5 in defense to really have a shot at a title. I think I agree with you that we are fighting a losing battle, but our only path right now to a title is - Detroit model, which means we have to be better on defense to even have a shot.