Saturday, April 17, 2010

And So It Begins...

It's time for us to resume vast praise and scathing criticism over the prospects of our fair Hawks. It would be fair to say that this is our blog's time. As a professed fan who wants to see a NBA title for the Hawks and will blog about everything that highlights our ability to achieve it, THIS is the time when around the clock coverage is at hand.

So, expect to see the game recaps, the NBA TV interviews, and whatever little nuggets will highlight our ability to defeat the Bucks and any future opponents. I don't need to do a big ol' preview of the playoffs regarding the players (though I want to do an end of season blog soon) and comparisons, etc to say this easy thing - the Hawks in 5. It's important that we dispatch with an inferior team to prove a few things:

  • Are the Hawks mentally tough? No one talks about this, but it matters to this blogger greatly that in 2 years - we haven't lost a game by less than 10 points. It mattered vs. the vastly superior Celtics in '08, but it mattered even more that we couldn't keep a game close on the road and at home vs. the inferior Heat.
  • Are the Hawks going to ever get over the 2nd round hump? This franchise just can't get past the 2nd round...if we are to convince any free agent that that can change - we need to put up a credible effort in these playoffs. Winning convincingly and quickly would be a step in the right direction.
  • Can Woodson change the game plan? We shouldn't have to, but if faced with matching wits with Scott Skiles - Coach Woodson needs to show that he can make adjustments. You only have to have a mini-slump to get sent home. That can't happen in these playoffs with JJ and Woodson's futures on the line. Will Woodson sit a slumping starter for a hotter reserve? Will we try a different defense if the switches don't work? Will we make changes? That's sure to be a question that needs to be answered..
So, we'll say again - the Bucks without Bogut should mean a quick playoff victory. The Hawks are just better and they need to show that they can simply dominate a team because they are better. That won't be the case in Round 2 and need to get on a roll today. That said,


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