Monday, April 12, 2010

Hawks/Bucks - Yes We DID!

Preamble Ramble

We did it! We did it! The best case prediction for the Hawks has come true (dismissing our preseason belief that our win total would be 47)..wait what do you mean there's one more game...oh, against the Cavs! Ok, we're still safe. Fifty-t...what do you mean LeBron is not playing (and probably no one else of consequence)...AHHHHH! Well, ok - so maybe the best case prediction could be off by 1 game, but why does it feel like we really could be 57 or 58 games in the clear?

Ok, today's not a day to dwell in what could have been and whether we could truly have threatened for the 2nd seed in the conference as well as the division. No, we want to simply say - sit all starters. Not for me, but to preserve any health fortune we've had. A starting five of Morris, Collins, West, Teague, and Joe Smith would make for a compelling game vs. the Cavs if you ask me...and now, to the game nuggets:

Game Recap - Hawks 104, Wizards 96

Game Musings:
  • No Jamal, No Problem
  • 2 Teague Stints make this guy happy
  • Zaza!!!! Yes, bring that hard work to the table this weekend.
  • Hawks Playoff Run begins this weekend - be there Hawks fans!!!
  • Thank you Scott Skiles for leaving Stackhouse on the bench (whom I think joins our long list of players who are better than about a quarter of our roster, were available for nothing, and yet are playing elsewhere) in the 2nd half.
  • Thank you Bucks guards for deciding to wait until it was too late to employ the 'whomever Bibby is guarding is who we will attack mercilessly' strategy
  • Thank you Brandon Jennings for using Osh Smith '07-like shot selection to shoot your team out of the game.
  • Thank you Hawks for confirming what I said was the case a few weeks ago - Hawks #3 seed, 52-30 regular season. Not bad, not bad at all!
  • Ok, let me not misstate the obvious - Joe Johnson was a beast tonight...
  • Unlike Hoopinion, I have been hesitant to lob very harsh criticism your way, Mr. Joe 'Beast' Smith, but against a former team - you looked very below average, bro. You are here for playoff help and I really need you to not look as wack you do right now.
A road victory to end the season is moving in the right direction for playing real games - let's just hope that the Celtics lose, so we don't feel compelled to try to beat a Cavs team that will certainly NOT be playing anyone worth anything to them. Follow suit, Hawks and see you on Saturday or Sunday...

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