Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hawks/Wizards: 51!

Preamble Ramble

Since December, we have predicted that the Hawks would win anywhere from 50-53 games this season. At some point in late Feb, I settled on 52 as the number and I still believe that we can win 53, which would awesome since my most expansive review of the schedule of marking down Ws and Ls - had me at 53 wins. Of course, the games we lost and ones we won weren't exactly in sync, but hey - that's why they play the games. There's really very little that was worth saying that hasn't been said before regarding our readiness for the playoffs (which is - the Hawks are who we thought they were, not who we think they can be) and so with that, we have some game bullets below:

Game Recap - Hawks 105, Wizards 95

Game Musings:
  • Jamal and the refs have to have an agreement on this...yes, we've seen fouls on 3 pt shooters, but I've never seen every single one get called the way they do with Jamal. I can't fathom that the league isn't aware that Jamal will make a 3pter with or without the foul, so why risk it over an above the stupid decision to foul a jump shooter anyway. Seriously, NINE 4pt plays this year... is this not the most amazing meaningless stat of the season?
  • This Jamal Crawford can replace Joe Johnson...not that I want that, but if given the choice of keeping Joe at the max or just extending Jamal and getting another piece - let's get another piece.
  • Let's add Shaun Livingston to the list of players who the Hawks could have gotten for the league minimum to bolster our backcourt depth. (Note: I'm biased toward this one courtesy of the fact that Livingston is one of the nicest NBA players I've ever met...took me and my friends out during last season's road game blog in Miami and I've been rooting for him ever since to make it back to the league).
  • The Injury Watch continues...
  • Maybe Coach Woodson is getting the memo - yes, when given the same minutes...Maurice Evans can outperform Marvin Williams. I never believed Mo should start because he was better, but because he was a better fit in our starting rotation. Now, I have to say that Maurice looks like he might simply just be BETTER. Simply put, Marvin has had enough time over the past 4 years to determine who he is...and he's simply a piece. Maurice, on the other hand, hasn't played consistently enough with around 30 minutes a game to determine whether he could perform better than Marvin (at a much cheaper price). Predictably, Marvin is superior rebounding forward, but otherwise on a per minute basis - Maurice is performing at or better than Marvin in almost every category. Yes, I'm using this as further evidence that shaking up this roster this past offseason might not have been the worse thing we could have done.
  • It's the sign of the times that I can look at the Wizards roster and only recall Earl Boykins and Mike Miller as players who were recognizable from their college basketball days. Cartier Who?
So, let's get back to our prediction - 52-30 has been on the books for weeks and we still think that will happen. Don't know which game we'll win, but we can win both. Both teams will be without major cogs (not that that has mattered when it comes to winning and losing with this team), so let's just finish it right...beat both the Bucks and Cavs. Make me wrong... Let's Go Hawks!!!!!!


Ron E. said...

Marvin is like the 6th best option on the team at jump shooting and the 4th or 5th in the paint, so it's no surprise he's not doing much this year. Jamal has taken a lot of his minutes and attempts as has the emergence of Horford as a good 18 foot shooter. If Joe doesn't return next year and the Hawks play Teague more (yeah right) who doesn't shoot well, Marvin could become valuable again next season. Or Rick Sund could trade him for a replacement for Joe or to fill another need.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

@Ron E., I'm not sure I'd go so far as to say that Marvin is the 6th best option - only Joe, Jamal, and Maurice are better shooters. You could argue that Horford is better, but the numbers don't bear that out. There's a difference btw ability and aptitude. Marvin has the ability, but just doesn't actually shoot it enough.

I personally don't think it's in his DNA. It's why I think he needs either a new role or a new coach. He needs to be forced to play more aggressive, to develop more moves, etc. That's what I think the bench will give him - a renewed vigor for shooting the rock (with less comp for shots) and so - we'll see how it all plays out, but it is a surprise that he's not doing much to me.

I would think that at some point - he'd not want to be a mere cog in the machine. But maybe not...that said, I don't see a mentality that wouldn't let Marvin watch Joe's shots go to Josh and Al even more.