Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Player Development 101

Thanks to friend of the blog Anonymous...he of many offseason battles - posted a great link that I can't even begin to praise enough as it relates to why player development is so key and even more pointedly - explains in better words than I probably have ever written - why I feel so strongly that Law, Stoudamire, and Teague have gotten raw deals under Woodson's regime and, conversely, why Mario West has managed to stay in the NBA.

Simply put, this article basically explains why down the stretch so many rookies chosen after Jeff Teague look great right now and why Jeff Teague looks like he's playing in game 6 and not game 77. Furthermore, it's why he won't be our opening day starter in 2010-2011. Not because he can't handle it, but simply because he hasn't been groomed in any way, shape, form, or fashion to do so...


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CoCo said...

Really good to see Teague back to his usual minutes tonight. And our great veteran guards literally threw the game away.