Saturday, April 3, 2010

Game Recap - Hawks/Cavs

Preamble Ramble

This won't be a long blog. There were some really simple things that happened here. The Cavs are better at home than we are. The Cavs are better on the road than we are. The Cavs have the best basketball player on the planet. Simply put - with all that said, the Hawks did compete and really that's what we should be focused on. It shouldn't be scorn-worthy to lose to the Cavs on the road and so, from this blogger, it won't be. We'll just highlight some thoughts

Game Recap - Cavs 93, Hawks 88

Overall Observations:

  • I cannot be convinced by a reasonable, rational person that LeBron James isn't the best player on the planet.
  • LeBron is really only one championship ring away from having that be universally acknowledged b/c the numbers he's putting up are really only surpassed by Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson.
  • Jeff Teague, who played well in 2 stints versus the 2nd best team in the league, played 0 stints vs. the best team of the league. There's a good logical reason for this, but I'm not sure what it is.
  • Joe Smith, who did not play versus the 2nd best team in the league, played vs Cavs. Outside of hoping that he'd want to play his best vs. actually doing it, I'm still looking for the reason that this happened.
  • The Hawks played their 4th quarter game once reason to be surprised - it's what you should come to expect from a team that does pretty much the same things every game on offense and defense. Great teams will attack your weaknesses.
  • I've heard a lot of hope for playing either the Magic or Cavs and you can discuss those pros and cons. Here's what we need to hope for...A first round upset! Otherwise, it doesn't matter which team we play. Seriously...
  • Thanks Michael Cunningham for being a serious beat writer (and that's no knock on Sekou Smith). I don't need you to beat up on the team, but asking serious questions almost invalidates my need to do this blog. You say what I'm thinking when you desire to know how the team feels about not meeting the most important goals of the year - i.e winning the division, getting a higher seed than last year (which could still happen), .500 on the road. 50 wins has a psychological feel and may save Coach Woodson's job (which should only be in jeopardy if a title is ever the #1 goal of this organization), but 50 wins is meaningless if you can't do anything about getting past the 2nd round of the playoffs.
  • I know that Hoopinion hates to see Josh shoot jump shots. I do too, but when he goes 9-16, I'm willing to just suck it up. It's the other players and their inability to make shots, but yet take more that needs more scrutiny.
  • And by scrutiny, I'm talking about Jamal Crawford...he's only good for a 50%+ game every 4 to 5 games. Otherwise, Coach Woodson needs a better job of managing his minutes b/c Jamal is gunning as soon as he gets into the game
  • Let it not be lost on us that Marvin Williams' best, most aggressive sequences in this game came when he was playing with the reserves.
  • Final note - I wonder if Coach Woodson realizes that his answers in post-game press conferences are really not feathers in his cap. A master of using the media to his advantage (both for his team and to his bosses) he is not.
Season Prediction

52-30...only 7 games left, but I'm sticking to my guns

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DPhenomenal1 said...

Still a shot at .500 on the road too.Well they'd have to win all 4 road games left that is and actually go one over .500.

Charlotte, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Washington. easy enough. huh, okay maybe not.