Thursday, April 15, 2010

We Be Scrubbin'

Preamble Ramble

We will set aside our blog's objective in this particular entry. Our goal is normally to provide fodder that translates to our attempt to win a NBA title. So, of course, you really learned nothing to highlight any bullets that translate to a NBA title run (this year or any future year). Yep, the biggest cheerleader for Jeff Teague is going to ignore this game as a 'nothing to see here' moment. Shocking, I know...bullets upcoming!

Game Recap - Hawks 99, Cavaliers 83

Game Musings:
  • Kinda want no parts of a game where Mario West is a starter
  • How sucktastic must it be to pay full prices for a game where Georgia State vs. Cleveland State breaks out...
  • I don't blame either team, but you do have to give Michael Jordan credit where credit is due - he never took a game off..home court advantage clinched or not!
  • I won't do a 'I told you so' on Jeff Teague based on this game.
  • I'll be the first to say it - that was the first time Teague looked like a POINT GUARD of the Atlanta Hawks, not simply a guard giving a few minutes of rest for the starters. I will continue to say the psychology of players is as important as the talent.
  • Let's hope this is the last time I see Jason Collins, Randolph Morris, Mario West, and even Jeff Teague this postseason. Now would not be the time to try to coach 'em up
A big ol' damn to my prediction of 52-30, but hey - who can complain? While I do believe we saw our best Hawks basketball in the first quarter of the season, let's not spend too much time saying that this season has not set up as a success. Now, we believe an accomplished season would be to make the Eastern Conference Finals, but success doesn't have to end in a title. To see another stride by Horford, Osh, Jamal and the steady play of Joe, Mo, and Zaza more than balances the inconsistent efforts of Marvin and Bibby. You create all those magical moments of the regular season to get us to the tourney. The tourney, though, is where your name is written in lights and so, today - we'll celebrate a 53 win season. An underachieving 53 win season - THINK ABOUT THAT! I think that 53 win seasons aren't what they used to be, but they also aren't 13 wins either, so let's give honor and credit to the Atlanta Hawks for a good season. Now, let's make it great...

End of Season / Playoff Preview report coming soon....

Note: I'm looking for encouragement for me to go to Milwaukee for a road playoff trip on Saturday. Anyone with hookups on tickets and a place to sleep on Saturday night? Leave your thoughts in the Comments area...(uh, can I express my disappointment in the road playoff destination? I mean seriously...the Nets couldn't pull that game out! Really!)

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