Saturday, May 15, 2010

Billy Knight is smiling somewhere

Honestly, there has been a thought that I've had for a while. First, I was always honest about saying that picking Shelden Williams over Brandon Roy was a fireable offense (or a resigning offense if he was TOLD to pick Shelden). Yes, there were some problems in some of the selections and moves that Knight made, but let's keep it real..

Knight has collected talent on this team. That's what the GM does...that plus hiring the coach. He's made great (Josh Smith/Al Horford) and poor decisions (Shelden/Marvin (though word has it that he wanted Deron and was told to pick Marvin/Acie). Made some good ones like trading for Bibby and Johnson, but he also saw that Mike Woodson wasn't going to take us to the promised land and tried to fire him. Somewhere, somehow - he had to be saying..I told you so during that Orlando series. Had to...


Jesse said...

This is a line of thought I have prescribed to for quite some time. In fact, I even made a fanpost about it on Peachtree a while back. Many like to harp on the Sheldon pick, but very few mention his move that attempted to make up for it (the Bibby trade). Knight made some mistakes, every GM does, and at least he tried to fix his.

I think something else that always gets lost in the Knight issue was the simple fact that his resignation was predicated on the fact that the ASG wasn't allowing him to fully operate as a GM should.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

Yep, I agree with this and your last post - ASG needs to step it up too, but I'm also saying that the GM has to make better decisions with what he has.