Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hawks/Magic - Game 1 Recap (Updated)

So, I'm not going to do formatting. I'm not going to do a lot of bullets. I'm going to leave all that and tell you really quickly why we need a new paradigm. Go to the other Hawks bloggers for an 'analysis' of the ass kic..oops, Game 1. I'm going to just keep hammering at the psychology angle.
  • I'm watching the postgame press conference with Mike Woodson and these questions illustrate very clearly why I don't believe in our coach. I'm sorry, but you need to be FURIOUS. You need to say that folks are lacking heart. You need to say that the end of the season is over if we don't play 5 times better than that. You need to say to Joe that he's about to lose $40 or $50M if he can't play better than that.
  • Charles Barkley said it best - he's disappointed in Mike Woodson's post game comments. He was too calm and he's talking about the fact that we missed too many shots we normally make (which is WRONG - we miss jump shots all the time) and that's not Atlanta Hawk basketball, but no mention about the 114 points we gave up. This from our DEFENSIVE guru coach.
  • Zaza, I'm listening to your WACK ass press conference too and so, starting off with the 'we only had one day to prepare, so they were waiting for us, BUT there's no excuse' is shameful. That IS an excuse - KILL the one night rest crap. That doesn't account for 43 pt losses.
  • I will continue to maintain that Mike Woodson is a nice guy. I don't have an ax to grind for him, but I don't believe in him. Period. There's nothing about his coaching that I can believe in and if you are a Woody fan or even neutral - just go to the Video section at NBA.com and explain in non-we keep winning more games each season fashion why I'm supposed to believe he knows what he's doing. (this just in - the first sub off the bench was....wait for it - JASON 'I got DNPs for days' COLLINS!!!!)
  • We already have lost to the Magic by 17, 20, and 32 points and won one game by 1. The Hawks lost by 43 tonight (or 6 more points than the Bobcats point totals in 4 games).
  • For as good as the 1st quarter was and then to lose by 43 over the last 3 quarters just defies every odd I can think of.
  • I acknowledged a long time ago that Jamal Crawford for Speedy/Acie was a slam dunk, but it's the REST of our offseason moves that are still up for debate and making me rethink whether or not Speedy/Acie wouldn't be nice to have off our books this offseason.
  • Let's be clear - Joe Johnson is good, Josh Smith is good, Al Horford is good, Jamal is good, Marvin/Bibby/Zaza/Maurice are ok, but as a team - we are what we thought they were. A team that can defeat most teams on talent (hence, the 53 wins), but when it comes to having to gut out a victory over a similarly (or better) talented team...we are going to have trouble.
  • As I tweeted, shooting almost exclusively from the perimeter in the 3rd quarter was the most glaring case of 'we give up' I think I've ever seen in a conference semifinal basketball game.
  • As a fan, I love my Hawks, but I will stand up and say this to the world...If I see this type of effort again, I will completely (and I do mean completely...as in, go back to paying for tickets to watch a 13 win Atlanta Hawks team) support a blowing up of this team. Sorry, but I don't care if you have to trade every player and the coaches to start over. I'd rather do that than watch talented, heartless, gutless players play for my hometown team.
  • Last bullet - the Magic tried to completely embarrass our team. If we don't play them to the last minute on Thursday and show an account of overselves, again - fire the coach, let Joe go, and blow it up! Seriously!!!! I've never seen a team without pride win anything. Never!
As I said before the series, it's hard to see how we can win more than 1 game, so I'll stick with Magic in 5, but if a sweep sends a message to GM Sund, then I'll hope for that.

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