Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mo' Interviews, Mo' Problems???

A week ago, I said that I was surprised by my lack of interest in the leading candidates who happen to be African American (Dwayne Casey and Avery Johnson) for candidates who I absolutely am interested in having us interview such as Tom Thibodeau, Bill Laimbeer, or Jeff Van Gundy (shoot, why not Larry Brown - he'll only give you 2 years, but...one of those may include a title if we do it right).

If I'm to believe that money is no object (and I don't), then any coaching interview that consists of Avery Johnson should also include Jeff Van Gundy. Sorry, but while I can find something to not like about all of these guys - my biggest issue right now is that we are not interviewing ALL candidates. What else do we have to do, but to interview every single candidate to see if you find something that you may need to hear. Where's the Rooney Rule when you need it? How can we find our Mike Tomlin if we aren't interviewing everyone?

Well, let me read through the tea leaves here - we have interviewed Dwane Casey (former Sund employee), Avery Johnson (in my opinion - a smoke screen..i.e. we're not hiring Avery Johnson), and ..... Derm Demopoulos.

DERM DEMOPOULOS!?!??? WT...? Ok, let's be clear - I'm not one of those Americans who doesn't believe giving opportunities to people you know and it seems like since he was a former Sund employee as well - he gets to interview for a job he doesn't seem to be qualified for by outward appearances. Since Sund has lost my trust based on his track record last year with signings, I can't say I trust him now if he's only going to interview people who worked for him when neither he OR those individuals have ever won anything. So, if you interview about 10 people and then PICK Derm, then fine. I'll expect that he did his due diligence and is willing to stake his job on a pick. I admire swinging for the fences, but this reeks right now of cronyism of the worst kind. I mean - we got the Bulls asking Phil Jackson to come back to presumably woo LeBron James to Chicago. What exactly are we doing that speaks to a desire to actually WIN A NBA TITLE? It sure ain't Derm D.

And that's the concern right now...that we aren't interviewing everyone. This team needs a real coach that you believe has championship pedigree and aspirations, so you interview until you get a true feel that says - this is the guy I'm willing to stake my reputation on and you're not going to convince me that you can figure that out with 5 interviews between 3 people. We can't make interviewing a problem..can we?

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Jesse said...

I think Sund and the ASG want a coach in place before the draft. It's not an excuse, but it might explain why they are not interviewing evryone. Well, another reason to go along with how every GM usually hires someone they knew in the past, which is f'ing stupid.