Sunday, May 2, 2010

On To The Next One

Normally, I would do a full recap of Game 6 & 7, but since I never expected to have to report on those games - they only get bullets. The good, the bad, and the ugly...

Let's start with the good...

  • The Hawks won the series.
  • When they put their mind to it, the Bucks were revealed to be the inferior squad that we all said they were.
  • Mike Woodson actually made some adjustments to show his coaching acumen. This is a great prospect for the remainder of the playoffs.
  • The defense played by the Hawks in the last 2 games is the stuff that could make us rethink the 2nd round ceiling we've placed on the Hawks.
  • Jamal Crawford did indeed live up to the nickname of The Difference.
  • Bibby played like a man who has been in a Game 7 and put to rest the contention that maybe we should play the rookie.
  • Al Horford played like a man who didn't want to go home and for that we thank you.
  • Despite an uneven offensive effort, the games were never in doubt. Finally, the obvious disparity in talent showed itself.
The Bad
  • It took 7 games. It still is stunning to this fan that this team defeated us 3 times. If Bogut and/or Redd were playing, ok! But Salmons and Jennings vs. the Hawks is simply a mismatch. A bigger mismatch than the Heat last year and yet, we were the ones sweating.
  • Nothing good can come from a series were the LOSING team looks like they accomplished the most, learned the most, and played the hardest.
  • Joe Johnson's asking price in the summer of 2010 just plummeted. No one pays max money for a guy who plays good defense, but pretty below average offensively....wait, no one SHOULD pay max money for a guy...
  • Josh taking more jump shots in the postseason can only be married to superior blocking, rebounding, steals, and minimal ref carping or else it's just simply unacceptable.
  • Maurice Evans' production throughout the playoffs.
  • Using Mario Evans at any juncture during a game that isn't a blowout. This end of half stuff must stop - Teague and/or Evans can assume that job.
  • So, now that we've gotten the defensive adjustment, we are still waiting for the offensive adjustment that will give us the faith that the Magic won't be able to simply do what they always do to defeat us.
The Ugly

  • Our press conferences - I listened to almost all of the press conferences and the quotes and I still don't think the Hawks have an understanding of why fans and the greater public thinks our team is unprepared to win a title. Coach included.
  • It started with the almost total focus on the fact that we worked all season for the home court advantage and that that would take us home. Today's examples consisted of the tired 'no one expected us to win' 'no one believed in us' 'those men in that locker room have heart' crap. Sorry, but we ALL expected you to win and easily...almost as easily as any other team in the playoffs and so, we were perplexed and dismayed that a team that really didn't have enough bullets in the chamber, but somehow killed 8 players with 2.5 rounds. Maybe this is necessary for motivation, but it reeks of how the psychology of our team is focused in the wrong places. Home Court, Us Against the Press/World, Heart/Leadership, and even how good the Bucks are, which they weren't.
  • That plus struggling with the Bucks give us pause to ask for more than 1 game in this series. Not to mention a much better team in the Orlando Magic
  • Lastly, these past two games may have given the false sense of security that the coach and Joe Johnson are worth opening the piggy bank for. That's truly ugly.
Still looking for the postseason reason why we shouldn't have left Bibby and Williams unsigned and made the overtures all season to convince D. Wade, C. Bosh, or L. James that this is just as good or better place to come to in exchange for a sign and traded Joe Johnson. Loyalty doesn't win championships...talent plus heart and leadership wins championship!

Prediction - Magic in 5. Let's hope this prediction is as horribly bad as the first one was.


Anonymous said...

Have you lost you PLUM PICKING MIND that they (orlando) will beat us in 5 games. Had to write but i will never read this boot leg site again. I like reading blogs where they have confidence in the home team. Just because you obviously DON'T LIKE WOODY or JOE JOHNSON. We need them by the way he is the coach and Joe is our star player. A-HOLE

Jesse said...

Haha, that's funny.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

I thought I had banned you from my site, Anonymous... j/k! All I can say is best wishes. The whole point of my blog is STRAIGHT talk, not blind faith. Now, I will say that I want us to win the title, but wanting and blind faith are two separate things. Just like almost any other pundit who has watched this season and the 3 year domination of our team by the Magic - I'm going to say the rational thing b/c I'm being straight with you vs. the hopeful thing. Neither of those things have to do with liking anyone.

I actually think that as people - Mike Woodson and Joe Johnson are great individuals. As a coach and leader of a championship level squad, I have always expressed my doubts and will continue to do so until PROVEN otherwise. If that means I lose you as a reader, so be it.

Take it easy and good luck...

Jesse said...

It must be tough for him as a Hawks fan then, because there are very few sites that meet his criteria. Just too funny.

Larry, I think we can steal a game, maybe two, so I'm gonna do a two-way CYA and say we go out in six. What say you?

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

i certainly believe that we can win a game or two. I'm just not sure that we are ready to fight and push for up to 7 straight games. Pressure has never been the Hawks' friend. The Magic, more than any other team, have punched us in the mouth without getting a return punch. I'd like to think that we can win and if we had home court - based on our play at home and vs. good opponents - I'd sing a different tune, but this one is tough to call for the Hawks.

That said, I will be in front of the tube tonight hoping for something to make me feel otherwise.