Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Two More Other Game 1 Nuggets

1. I think it's cowardly to not have one of your best paid players to come out and account for what happened to the media.
2. I would like to mention again that once the Hawks know they are going to lose - they lose. Make that 13 of 14 games lost in the playoffs over the past 3 years by more than 10 pts. Average pt difference is over 20pts.

And I'm supposed to think that this mix is seriously going challenge for a title at some point. Come on, son.


CoCo said...

Yeah I had an issue with this as well. No accountability.

Jesse said...

But what do you think he is going to say? Do you actually think he will have any accountability? We know what happens when JJ gets in front of the mic. He isn't going to mention all the costly turnovers he had, he's not going to admit that he almost passed the rock to a wide open Teague then kept it himself to take a contested long jumper only to f'in miss yet again, he's not going to admit to his failings as a black hole on the court at times, but what he will do is call out the team and defend Woodson.

The same could be said about Woodson's presser. What exactly are you expecting from him at this point? We are six years into this thing Larry and the leopard and the zebra still have their same old spots and stripes. It's insane to expect anything different at this point.

All I can reasonably hope for now is that the team will bust their asses to play for the fans when they get back to Philips. The fans deserve that much, even if the Hawks are determined to get swept by Orlando.