Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Most Unconventional Draft Preview

Last year around this time, we were running around with glee making post after post about how the Hawks could improve their lot in life toward the goal of winning a championship.

Well, this year, I really have been racking my brain with a few draft/offseason suggestions and here's what I came up with:

1. Call a mulligan on Larry Drew. Seriously, no serious player is coming to the Hawks this year or any following year outside of possibly Joe Johnson to play for Larry Drew.
2. Create trade rumors with OUR TEAM IN THEM...I mean I know they won't be true, but give the illusion that we're actually interested when someone says - hey, for the right price, you can have Chris Paul. I mean - I would like to see the crawl say...Al Horford and the #24 pick for Chris Paul and a 2nd round pick or SOMETHING to let me know that we're swinging for the fences in a bizarro world.
3. No, I'm not going to tell you who I think we should pick because it won't happen. My picks for the last few years - D. Williams, B. Roy, D. Blair, etc aren't ever being picked so why should I spend time saying - go get X player when I know they won't get on the squad. So, no picks from me - what I will say is...can we try not to mail in the 2nd pick or decline to consider signing undrafted free agents? Baby steps, people, baby steps...

If you really want to know how I feel about the draft and the offseason, basically - I'm unconvinced that we aren't going to continue to run this franchise as cheaply as possible, so therefore, there's no reason to make the basketball related decisions. Keeping Mike Woodson wasn't basketball related, hiring our GMs, our scouting...the only time we overspend is on players who aren't worth overspending on, so no I'm not trying to not post blogs, but I just don't have anything to say that's focused on what it takes to win a championship. We aren't doing ANY of those things, so why post. That said, we'll say something about our picks tonight, then go back to radio silence until this Joe Johnson thing shakes out.

Who thought that picking Larry Drew could kick the wind out of me? Oh well, back to cheering for USA to win the World Cup....


Vishal said...

You nailed it. That was an abysmal draft. I'm off the hawks for a while. Can't take this defeatist attitude anymore.

Ron E. said...

The Hawks were a playoff team last year and still are probably a playoff team next year even without Joe. So I don't think Drew is necessarily going to turn off the free agents who the Hawks can afford. Money, living in Atlanta, and a shot at the playoffs is still attractive.

Otherwise I completely agree with you on the Hawks and the draft. It was like Billy Knight never left. Not that Jordan Crawford is a bad player, but the Hawks didn't even make the marginal effort that it would have taken to move up and get somebody even better and they completely punted on their second round picks.

Jesse said...

This is so bad, the only thing I can do is laugh the laugh of a man on the brink of insanity. Is it football season yet?

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

@Ron E, all I will say is ... people need to reassess what happened during Billy Knight's tenure. He took a salary capped team and tore it down and rebuilt it into a playoff contender and if the ownership didn't get in the way - we'd have deron williams, woodson would have been fired 2 seasons before, and we'd probably have Childress and possibly Amare Stoudamire playing for us.

So, I think when we rail on Knight for that Shelden pick and not doing anything with our 2nd rounders - it needs to be with less venom (not saying you have venom) than is normally heard. So, you already know how I feel about this draft. Just picking more of the same players, so no toughness - I don't see Crawford as a leader...who the heck is Sy? It's just a joke.