Thursday, July 22, 2010

Breaking, Shocking News...

Just a quick one today...

Two developments occurred today:
  1. The Hawks are allegedly going to shock the NBA establishment by signing Josh Powell to a (get this) veteran minimum contract for 2 years. Yes, we're getting Kobe's confidante and 12th man from the defending champions to be our...oh, maybe 10th man (at best). My only question is whether Joe Johnson went out to recruit him to join us.
  2. Chris Paul put out a manifesto to the Hornets saying pretty much - trade me to one of these teams. I always wonder how that works because if I was a GM - I'd pretty much ensure that he never gets to one of those places UNLESS I get a sweetheart deal to do so. Otherwise, goodbye N.O., hello Minnesota or Sacramento. Why is this on a Hawks blog, you ask? Well, it's because I would like for the rumors about transactions for once bend to the side of something exciting that could potentially point us toward a title. Last time that happened was when Amare Stoudamire was on the rumor mill for us... Anyway, if you're me - you've called the new GM in N.O. and you've offered everyone on our team with the exception of Josh Smith first, then you acquiesce and say - ok, we'll give you Josh, but we gotta keep Al and then, you can go for anyone else - that includes Joe Johnson if they will take him. Draft picks...yep, those too...then, you rely on Chris Paul and one big man stud to actually recruit players to play in Atlanta.

And on another note - how hard is it to recruit to Atlanta? Short of an incompetent front office (now that I think of it - that phrase is going to answer this question for itself), I STILL can't for the life of me understand why the land that almost every black man (esp. one with money) would die to be in (and many live in). A land that rivals NYC, LA, and Miami for sheer black man are we NEVER in the discussion for this? Who are these old men who are having problems getting athletes to come to Hotlanta? I mean seriously...this really bothers me.

Disclaimer: I love all people of every race, so please don't send this blog to Fox News or else you'll be apologizing to me when I show you my life's work and the fact that I could write a blog about why white athletes should come here too, but since only David Lee is worthy of being recruited here and he's in Golden State...this point should be moot, but I needed to say that.


Jesse said...

Meh, didn't see a need for a disclaimer, but I'm not a prude pompous prick who's easily offended either, so w/e.

Also of note, Barnes to the Lakers for something like $3.2mil. Kurt Thomas to Chicago for something like @2mil. Way to NOT use that ~$5.8 MLE ASG.

And I agree with all of your sentiments regarding Atlanta. There is a thriving music scene, a huge club scene, and a thousand other things to do, regardless of race, creed, or upbringing. However, I don't think that the ATL scene is the driving factor but instead it's the organizations themselves. Blank and the Falcons are the only ones who have shown they will pay big money for players. The Braves, Hawks, and Thrashers are all owned by groups that have shown time and again that they aren't willing to pay the big players the big money. Or when they do, it's only going to be for one at a time and it's probably going to be a bad move when they do it.

I think that makes more of a difference than anything.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

@Jesse, trust me I'm not worried about anyone being offended - I think I've offended enough was more of a dig at Fox News, the White House, USDA, etc than anything.

I'm not even keeping count of the players that could help the Hawks had they a) just decided to structure the contract differently since I'm ultra convinced Joe was going to take whoever gave him the most guaranteed loot and b) really wanted to do better in the playoffs. I see at least about 10, but then I saw about 10 in 2008 and 2009 that I thought we should have been all over. And I see a bunch of coaches and a bunch of GMs we should be all over who ironically could SAVE the guys money and get better talent, but I digress.

As for the Atlanta part, I hear you - 90% of it is money (maybe 98%), but when I see these presentations that the other teams do to get players to come - I've NEVER heard of Atlanta using Atlanta or recruiting a player for that matter. Never...and it's crazy. Only Arthur Blank has matched the use of the city AND the money. Lots of teams have the same money, but I'm telling you - there are really only about 4-5 cities that measure up to Atlanta. Why they aren't using that to their advantage in terms of additional revenue in terms of business, nightlife, etc - I just don't understand. NYC uses it, LA uses it, Miami uses those girls and the beaches, etc. Why aren't we?

Jesse said...

Agreed wholeheartedly. I love my Georgia Peach, haha!