Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Clippers of the South

While we wait for the next (oops, first) shoe to drop as it relates to the alleged improvements to the roster, I'm trying to write my way into purging my disgust with what's happening with the Hawks right now by comparing them to the Clippers.

  1. Ownership - Donald Sterling has been known as the cheapest owner in the league...only to pay up at the point at which he was actually being lampooned to the point that a stand had to be made...only to overpay the wrong guys and underpay the right ones. Save the slumlord-edness of Mr. Sterling...sounds familiar
  2. Coaching - Simply put, save Larry Brown - has there ever been a coach of any substance in either franchise's history? And don't say Lenny Wilkens - he was past his prime when he was in Atlanta.
  3. Players - Lately, our players for the most part have played out the string. Been a lot of lottery picks and a lot of talent, but nothing approaching championship quality. That happens when you know that your ownership and coaching isn't up to snuff, so you just work to get as much money as you can.
  4. Free Agents of nothingness - Basically, when is the last time a player of substance REALLY came here to be a part of the team? I would say Joe Johnson, but he's had about $200M reasons to be in Atlanta since he wasn't going to make that money in any other city. So, him aside is anyone ever joining one of those teams for market or less than market value. Yeah, that's what we thought..
And not to mention that the fan base is pretty blase and the media don't really have much respect for us. So, tell me again why we haven't signed ONE free agent to help us get a couple of these humps. Kinda trying to figure out how the Miami Heat have gotten a roster almost filled before we got any help.

Yep, get ready for a bunch of veteran minimum players, Hawks fans. Sigh...

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