Monday, July 19, 2010

The hits keep coming...

In searching for one sign of positivity for the Hawks this season, we reach over to the Summer League (since reports like - we're going to bring back Jason Collins and the rest of the minimum vets that can't get a sniff from Boston, Miami, Orlando, and LA are not doing the trick). While the able writing hands at Peachtree Hoops and Hoopinion have done a stellar job of giving game recaps, I wanted to rely on watching the games and not being flooded with other thoughts.

Note: This is also due to the fact that when I'm reading other thoughts - many of them find ways to make Rick Sund's decisions good ones, make Joe Johnson the linchpin of some future Hawks championship run, and able to see coaching genius in Larry Drew, so I'm sworn off reading things for understanding my Hawks. I think my conclusions are good enough (even when wrong).

Which brings me to this week's 'DAMN' segment, check out the Summer League All Tourney Team and tell me who is missing.

T-Mobile Rookie of the Month
DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento)

Most Outstanding Player
John Wall (Washington)

All-Tournament Team
Sam Young (Memphis)
JaVale McGee (Washington)
Reggie Williams (Golden State)
DeMar DeRozan (Toronto)
JJ Hickson (Cleveland)
Ty Lawson (Denver)
Dominique Jones (Dallas)
Derrick Caracter (LA Lakers)
Larry Sanders (Milwaukee)
Gani Lawal (Phoenix)
Jermaine Taylor (Houston)
Alonzo Gee (San Antonio)

As I review the list, all I see is a bunch of guys who aren't going to start and possibly won't be in the rotation (save Wall, Cousins, and possibly Hickson). So, it doesn't give me any confidence that the player who is supposed to run our team in October can't make the All Tourney team over a bunch of late 1st round and 2nd round picks. There's no shame in it not happening, but if your hope was that Summer League was going to give you that boost of confidence that Teague was going to be hitting jump shots and running teams ragged with his stellar court leadership and dogged defense...well, there's always training camp.

And before anyone tries to tell me that I need to have patience, I do have patience and I have always believed that Teague is better than Bibby right now, but I'm not sure that Teague has the ability to move the Hawks past the 2nd round and really that's all that matters at this stage. And any thoughts that Jordan Crawford will be a good pro are muted by the fact that he ..uh, um...plays the same position as the guys who shoot the most on our team. So, as excited as I could get - I'll just say...uh, we probably won't see much Jordan Crawford on this team until they let Jamal Crawford walk next season OR we trade Jamal Crawford for a useful piece during the season before he walks away for nothing.


Bret LaGree said...

I don't know who voted on this but keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of people at Summer League stay in COX Pavilion all day so almost no one saw the Hawks play next door in the Thomas & Mack Center.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

ok, so would you say that he played better than any of those guys listed? Were any of those guys playing at the Mack besides Larry Sanders?

Bret LaGree said...

I certainly think he played better than Sam Young and I was courtside for Young's 35-point game. Then again, I don't think much of Young and could be biased.

Summer league's only clear when you're evaluating the extremes: Cousins and Wall are good. Randolph Morris and Jeremy Pargo are bad. Everything else is largely mush.

Not that there's no basis for pessimism regarding Teague, either.

Jesse said...

Also, keep in mind that Josh Smith didn't get a sniff at an All-Star award this past year so take voted things like this with a grain of salt. I wouldn't worry about it much.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

Fair enough.. I defer to the Blog Prognostication King (non-Fazekas category).

And to be fair, Jesse, I don't buy into voting per se, but I've read a few Summer League summaries and none of them speak about Jeff Teague shining. That said, Bret's nugget could explain why. Also, I would say that I don't necessarily have a problem with Josh Smith not making the All Star Game. It wasn't a gross oversight. Gerald Wallace was a beast last year and the Hawks didn't deserve 3 players on the team. So, politics made it where Joe Johnson had to make it.

Brad said...

But Bret, shouldn't Jeff Teague be on the "good" end of those extremes and not in the "mush" if he is expected to be the starting PG for a team that aspires to at least reach the Eastern Conference Finals?

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...
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ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

I just want to make sure I'm not giving a grade on Jeff Teague's regular season prospects. I think Bret is basically saying don't read too much into it and I respect that.

My blog was to highlight the fact that I was hoping that the projected starting PG of the #3 seed would be able to tear up summer league a little more than he did. There's still time to see more, but I certainly was expecting him to be one of the most dynamic forces in the summer league. Now, I'm not holding out hope that unless Larry Drew takes the unprecedented step of going through the rough patch with the guy and letting play 30 mins a night to entrench him as the future PG of this franchise that Teague won't end up as a faster version of Acie Law.