Thursday, July 8, 2010

More Joe Johnson Leadership

So, I already was unhappy with the Hawks offseason as it stood, but here's an interview with Joe Johnson that made me want to throw up in my mouth..

Reasons to hate this interview are:
  1. The lie that goes - coaching and ownership have done everything possible to win (except not fill out a 15 man roster, spend money on free agents, make midseason trades, pay for a real coach, OR get scouts and use the D League to our advantage)
  2. I always wanted to be in Atlanta (which never was said until the $124M was put on the table)
  3. This wasn't in the interview, but having Joe Johnson making the 2nd most in the entire NBA is really making me sick right now.
  4. And this one takes the cake

    Q. Your agent said you planned to recruit other players. Any ideas on the guys you’d like to come play with you?

    A. “(Laughs). We have to go out and see what is out there. Honestly, I think we have the team now we can win with. That’s no question. The last two years we have averaged 50 wins. We all know it’s time to step up and take it to the next level. I think with the team we’ve got right now we can do that.”

So, you honestly think we have what it takes right now to win the division and the conference. That's what you want me to believe, so again I'll say - you are as clueless as the ASG. I don't begrudge you for taking the money, but you can be honest now - you got your money...the honest truth is this team got its ass HANDED to it in record fashion and barely defeated a poor Bucks and Heat squads in back to back seasons. Now, you want us to believe that what we have right now can do more in a division that just added 2 of the top 10 players in the league and the most exciting rookie prospect. That's what you want me to believe.

And I thought being a Knicks fan was gonna be the most depressing position to be in. At least they have a clue and a hope (Carmelo in 2011) and cap space...

BTW, LeBron did what any 25 year old would do in that position. Get paid big money and go to South Beach and win titles. Forget what they are saying today - win titles, LBJ and this all goes away. Lose and this will be just what you've been getting in Cleveland. It's really a no brainer.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, because he should have said the only reason he is in Atlanta is for the money and that they can't win with his current teammates. That would have shown SOOOO much better judgment.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

I'm beginning to think you're either Joe Johnson or work with the Hawks in some capacity.

So, instead of doing what almost every other big star has done in their career on the way to a title, he went with the company line. So, no, I don't need him to say I went for the money (which was obvious) or that we can't win. He could simply have said - I'm willing to give up a few dollars to win like other players have done OR he could, that I'm signed - we see that we need to add a few more pieces to the puzzle and I'm going to recruit and work with the front office to ensure we add pieces and then work together to get better. That would have shown much more leadership and continued to press the Hawks management to do more to get better. That would have been better judgment.

Anonymous said...

Yes, because no one could disagree with your earlier rant without being biased, right?

No, I don't work for the Hawks. I don't even like the re-signing. Until I read that he signed on the dotted line, I was holding out hope that he would somehow change his mind and go elsewhere.

Look, guy, it didn't matter what Joe Johnson said in any interview, you want to trash the guy. More power to you, I guess.

He already signed his max deal, so how could he possibly say he was going to give up money to bring in other players? Listen, you don't like the fact that he signed that contract. I get it, but now that he agreed to it, what did you want him to say? Also, he SHOULD absolutely say that his teammates are enough to win. That doesn't mean that he won't push for move to be made or recruit other players. I have a feeling that had he said they need some other players, I would have read you saying that Joe Johnson just threw his teammates under the bus.

The now vastly overpaid Joe Johnson said what he is supposed to say in an interview. Anyone can see that. He isn't trying to appeal to folks like you who are going to have a problem with him no matter what he says, nor should he. It would be like John Boehner trying to appeal to the Daily Kos.

Saba Jon said...

How the hell is JJ worth 124 million? The owners of the hawks are clueless. We don't like Joe. He is not a superstar and he needs to stop trying to be one. Our only hope is trading for Chris Paul and signing Shaq. Yes, Shaq. Can you image Shaq, Horford, Smith, Johnson, Paul? Sounds pretty good to me.

But knowing the Hawks...they're gonna do something stupid or do nothing.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

@Anonymous, As I always say - I don't have a problem with disagreement - it's your condescending tone that I have always had a problem with. So, instead of saying what you think is the way it should go - you try to belittle my point of view. So, I just give it back to you.

It would be more productive if we were just debating respectfully. Since I really don't have any confidence in that, I will keep you honest by correcting what you failed to acknowledge.

1. I have no reason to trash Joe Johnson. I have praised Joe when he deserved it and criticized him when he deserved it. Period. I can admit that I have lost respect for Joe for the simple fact that throughout the year he claimed that he wanted to lead the Hawks. He made a lot of comments after games about players, but when he failed he rarely acknowledged them. During his worst games in the playoffs, he was not on the podium to explain why he didn't perform. I have no problem with a player calling out team, coach, whatever, but you gotta stand up when the problem sits in your lap too. That's why he's not worth max money to me. I can accept giving a player who provides 2nd tier production, but 1st tier leadership a max contract. Yes, it's a reach, but it does keep the team striving for its best.

I may have misled you into thinking that I wanted Joe to say he'd take less after the contract was signed and I see how you could think that, but really the point I was making is that it's disingenuous to say the Atlanta was in your heart from the start after getting your max contract. That is NOT what he said after the playoffs. So, it wasn't honest. If it was, he could have done what a few other players did this offseason and that's tell the organization - I'll sacrifice a few dollars in order for us to get better players OR he could have said I'm going out to recruit NOW like D Wade did. D Wade went on those visits as a charade and everyone knew it. That would show me in deed as well as words that Joe was being truthful. So, I don't need to trash Joe. I've said that at a lower rate - I'd love to have Joe back. I just see through the agent's statements and this one.

So, I'm not looking for an angle. I'm saying that he could respect his teammates and still say - well, after that last series, it's obvious that we need more depth, better defensive presence, etc. That doesn't call anyone out, but states the obvious to management that we NEED help. Instead his interview reads like, hey I got paid and now, we ready to win and I'm ready to take us there when we already know that he's not able by himself to take us there AND he just sucked all the $$$ out of the room to get him the help he needs. To act like he doesn't know that his money is part of the reason we won't be able to do that makes his interview hollow to me.

That's it. It's curious to me that he said I'm gonna recruit, he signs the contract and now, we're ready to go with what we got. Huh?!? And I'm not supposed to point this out because I might look like I'm trashing him. Come on, Anonymous.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

@Saba, I do like Joe's game as the 3rd best player on the team and at about $40M less than he's getting paid. I will say that if we had Chris Paul, then I can tolerate Shaq on the team, but let's be clear - Shaq is not really that helpful to us until the playoffs when you need a presence vs. Howard or Perkins, etc. Until then, Shaq is a liability at his age.