Friday, August 13, 2010

Earning or Losing The Job? That is the question

Looks like the big homie MC is back and working hard and we got this little missive from him today - one speaks to what has been the bane of our existence for years - starting point guard.

You can check out the link here.

Now, I'll just summarize my thoughts in a few bullet points:

1. In theory, every player should EARN their position. It's laudable to say and believe it. But can the guy ahead of you just lose his position? Does it always have to be earned? Simply put, I wrote a blog at midseason saying Teague MUST start for this team to go further in the playoffs. Many thought - it's too much of a risk. I said - it was a no risk move. You either prove that Jeff has the upside to take us further than an aging Mike Bibby or you prove that you need to get in the Darren Collison sweepstakes this offseason. Regardless, last season, Mike Bibby did everything to prove that he doesn't deserve more than 15-20 minutes of time in a reserve role playing 2nd stringers who can't light him up on the defensive end. I don't say that to disparage Mike Bibby, but to say- he's only going to be effective toward the goal of winning a title in a reserve role. Conversely, the only way Jeff Teague will be useful next season and, in the future, is if he's the starting point guard whether he 'earns' it in training camp or preseason or not.
2. Which brings me to Larry Drew - I'll buy the motivational angle of saying what he said, but certainly - there is no time left to waste in transitioning this team to be led by Jeff Teague. So, on the motivational end - you got my support. But the main point here is if Teague outplays Bibby, Teague's your Game 1 starting point guard. If Teague is outplayed by Bibby in training camp and preseason, Teague's your Game 1 starting point guard. The growing pains should start in Game 1, not Game 50. If anything, let Jeff Teague LOSE his job, not have to earn it. Anything else just continues to delay the inevitable that says either Jeff Teague is the answer OR we need to go find a new answer via free agency, trade, or next year's draft. Anything else is what I'd consider the anti-championship move.

And with that, I'm done.

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