Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Summer Report

There's nothing like getting the NBA.com's take on the Atlanta Hawks offseason take and it looks like Shaun Powell sees the offseason report as I do, though I'm not sure that this was done to scale.

So, with a few As (Oklahoma City, Los Angeles, & Miami) and a few Ds (Golden State, Cleveland, & Toronto), it looks like the Atlanta Hawks fell on the downside of this offseason's haul btw Average and Above Average, so maybe that's quasi-Above Average. Interestingly enough, there's nothing in the report card that gives any impression that backhanded compliments aside - there was an improvement. So, we're guessing the 'strength' of signing Joe Johnson to the biggest contract of the offseason was where the basis of this lies. Laughing mention of Josh Powell, no mention of Pape Sy, and more skepticism of the coaching decisions.

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