Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mo Truth

So, let me keep it brief...

The trade sucks - Kirk Hinrich, age 30, is not an NBA difference maker at a position that is full of difference makers.  The defense gets better, but only incrementally.  The Hawks needed a difference maker at PG and so, they got another guy to join Collins and Thomas and Powell on the bench twiddling their thumbs.  And so what did they give up - the guy you drafted and raved about who could replace a one dimensional Jamal Crawford (furthering my fears that we could actually RESIGN a guy who isn't going to help your team win a title) and a first round draft pick who could help you build depth on the cheap.  Doesn't matter to me that Bibby and Evans needed to leave town, but a lateral at BEST move just sucks.

What else do we lose? Future flexibility come 2012 to actually sign someone who matters.  Or in other words, fail, fail, fail!!!  If the player you trade for doesn't change your seed and doesn't change your lot come playoff time (I mean does ANYONE think Hinrich is the difference in the Hawks winning and losing vs. the Orlando Magic). So, I say again - this organization is completely and utterly clueless.  Period.  I'm on record as saying this trade will blow up in the Hawks' face.  At least we got a 4 time all star for giving up extra stuff that wasn't necessary in the Joe Johnson, but going overboard for Kirk Hinrich...REALLY!?!?!


Jesse28 said...

If it were Bibby for Hinrich straight up, I'd be pleased with it. Adding JC2 and a 1st rd draft pick (Really ASG? A 1st round pick for Hinrich?) only goes to further prove how cheap and dumb this ownership is.

However, I don't think we needed that big of a playmaker/gamechanger at the point. We definitely needed better defense and a better distributor, both of which we'll get with Hinrich. I outlined the reasons I think Hinrich will be better defensively than his current numbers show over at PeachtreeHoops, but I also think we might have been able to get the same things from Teague if he was given the opportunity. As far as Hinrich/Bibby goes, I'm fine with it.

Does this trade take us past the second round? I don't think so. Keeping Smith in the paint and feeding Horford could though. So does the question become can Hinrich and/or Teague force those issues?

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

Well, much of the reason I'm not posting much anymore is that the exercise of trying to figure out if this team can be viable in the playoffs was written when we hired Drew, signed Joe, and traded our 2nd 1st round pick. Now, that we've given away ANOTHER pick, more young talent - it just further proves my point that these guys are clueless. We could barely make this work if we had players that were more elite than they are, but trying to rely on 2 good players (Horford and Joe), 1 good, but very inconsistent player (Josh), and then 4 other decent (Marvin, Bibby, Crawford, and Zaza) along with 5-6 other scrubs to get past the 1st round is silly. Didn't they see how hard it was to get out of the first round the first 3 times. So, adding no extra talent was supposed to grow...of course not. Adding a decent PG who plays D doesn't change any of that. So, I'm not even planning on hoping. The milk is bad for the Hawks and nothing will change until we blow it up (ownership, management, and players). Until Al is your 3rd best player, this team can't win.