Friday, April 29, 2011

Hawks Win! (And Now We Wait...)

I know I said we'd lose to the Magic in 5.  I then had to come back and say - uh...the Magic really aren't that good, so we got a shot and then, it was apparent we'd defeat the Magic because they simply couldn't hit shots that we allowed them to take. 

So, I'm thrilled to say that I was wrong about this series.  I'm not sure I'm going to be happy about this win come July, but for now - we'll take it with pride and look to see if there is something from this series that can be taken into this series with Chicago.  So, I do want to say a few things before we get to our round 2 truths.
  1. Kirk Hinrich being hurt is NOT an excuse for this team to lay down.  Mike Woodson got a pass for the sweep vs. the Cavs in 2009 due to injuries (one of which was his fault for having Joe Johnson playing into the 4th quarter of a 30pt blowout), but the fact that Larry Drew took the risk of not playing his other point guard in the event that something like this could happen is HIS fault. 
  2. If we get swept, the season is NOT a success.  We can make it plausible if and only if we exceed the accomplishments of the Indiana Pacers.  If we can't play better and have better results than the Pacers, there's a problem.
 That's all - enjoy being one of the top 4 teams in the East for the 3rd straight season. See you at the Highlight Factory!!!!

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DRP said...

The Hawks have no chance. Who really expected Orlando to win Game 6 on the road? The Hawks won a series of two "not ready for prime time teams", I think the Bulls will feast on them. I will root for them though, I hate the Bulls.

That being said, the Hawks did avenge their playoff sweep at the hands of the Magic last year. They became the 9th team in the last 30 years win a series against the team who swept them in the playoffs the previous season.