Monday, May 2, 2011

Prediction Time

I'm going to do my 2nd round truths tomorrow, but here's a few things on my mind before the games start:

1. I hate Larry Drew for continuing to lie about his faith in Jeff Teague.  I hope Teague goes for 30 tonight in the EFF YOU game of his life.
2. Those who have been talking matchups - here's how I see it...we have a matchup advantage at shooting guard and center and 6th man, but they have home court, coach, the other 3 starters, and the bench.  Doesn't look good for the Hawks.
3.  I don't know how we win more than 1 game in this series WITH Kirk, so I'm going to say Bulls in 5 just because the Hawks always do something that's outside of their character and jump shots are bound to fall in at least 1 game this series.

So, Bulls in 5 (closer to 4 if you had to ask me to bet on 4 vs. 6) and let's hope this is motivation for them to prove me wrong and end my blogging career.

Let's Go Hawks!!!

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